The Latino KKK

I’ve been tremendously busy the past week so I hadn’t much time to read up on Sotomayor’s nomination. I did however kept seeing snippets accusing her of being a racist pop-up here and there but noticed that all the complaints were coated with Oxycontin flavored spittle which meant that the allegations probably had little basis in reality. (And Rush Limbaugh calling someone a racist is like Charles Manson calling someone a little wacky)

And all I can say after this clip is HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Really guys??? A sentence fragment removed entirely out of context and this is what you’re going with? Hell, from the snippets I’ve seen of the reactions I thought they had found out that Sotomayor was the leader of the Boricua Popular Army. Pass the popcorn.


  1. It bothers me whenever a supreme court justice/nominee refers to things like “perspective” or “core values” or even “what most Americans believe” etc. Haven’t they read their job description? Obviously, this isn’t racist, but it does reflect a misapplication of the title. Same for what Alito said. Did you know that Ginsburg cites foreign laws in her decisions? I am all for looking abroad for ideas, but her job is to make decisions based on our law, not feelings, background, majority votes or European law.

  2. It’s an attorneyocracy with McCorporations protected by the McPolice and McPapers. Just read about the guy who McDonalds ripped off his OJ in Aloha, Oregon.

    Each supreme court nominee is part of the monopoly called the American Bar which is a corporation. It’s corporatism and the word attorney means to turn over property to the king/queen or state.

    What other elected office requires you to belong to a corporation in order to be elected? They turned the Sixth Amendment word “Counsel” into the word “attorney” without a constitutional amendment. You have turned yourself into a corporation when you hire one and any attorney client relationship is a joke.

    Ask yourself how many news outlets has editors that are attorneys or reporters that are attorneys. Obama is rescuing corporations because they are the tax gatherers. Welcome to corporatism which is a better name for facism. Did you do anything to make yourself a corporation? Buy stocks, licensing or banking?

  3. Well put Cutting Edge. Reading Greg Palast’s ‘Best Democracy Money Can Buy’ at the moment, it delves into those areas a little

  4. It’s pretty clear from the statement in context that she is a racist and a sexist, but those words are too loaded to have any use these days. She said she is sympathetic to the idea of phycological differences between Latinos and Whites and between women and men. What else would you call it?

    I personally find the former disgusting, and the latter a truism. She however, maintains that such differences will color the decisions of the (black, white, Latino, Latina, Portuguese) Judge, which is the most disturbing aspect of this whole thing. Does this mean a black woman can not expect justice from a white male judge? That is what she is implying, no doubt about that.

  5. I would hope that a wise European man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a latina female who hasn’t lived that life.

  6. Arguments about the statement in question aside, this is obviously nothing more than a smear campaign. Conservatives are ready to jump at whatever they can find on Sotomayor and assume the worse.

    Example: Tancredo says la raza is the equivalent of the KKK and cites their motto “all for the race, nothing outside the race.” Of course that is NOT la raza’s motto and they have publicly denounced that phrase. I had a roommate who received monthly publications from la raza (I am not latino) that I read occasionally. Their focus is on latino issues, not on attacking other races and cultures.

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