1. Ha! That would have ended the series perfectly. Lucas is always up for hacking his movies so he can sell the same stuff again and again; maybe he’ll steal this ending and use it!

  2. …Enter the apologist
    -Maybe the plans were in a copy protected, non-transmitable format?
    -Yavin was a gas giant, so the Death Star laser couldn’t blow it up properly
    -Even if Yavin could be blown up to make way for Yavin 4, the Rebels would have evacuated the base by the time the laser was ready to fire again (the laser on the 1st Death Star wasn’t as good as the one the second DS had).
    …On the other hand
    -Why couldn’t the Death Star just manoeuvre around Yavin? This station can cover vast interstellar distances, but it has to take a leisurely orbit around anything that gets in its way?
    -Leia could have found another ship without a homing beacon to deliver the plans to the rebels. That, or find the beacon and destroy/hide/disable it.

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