Goths in Hot Weather

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Goths, I love ’em! I even used to be one for a bit (well, I was a Didi-Goth for at least 6 months). But there’s one thing that troubles me about our cheery friends: what to do they do in summer? All that makeup, long black leather and rubber must get very sticky. I think we should show our respect for these poor unfortunates, struggling to stand out from the vanilla crowd despite blazing temperatures and sunshine that puts the rest of us in shorts and vest tops. Join me in celebrating the majesty of the Goth, who, eschewing any practicality whatever, still has the commitment to don a full length leather trenchcoat, stupid New Rock boots, and half a Superdrug counter of makeup. All hail the Hot Goth!


  1. I’m going to the biggest gothic festival tomorrow (Leipzig, wave-gothic treffen) and always encounter people either dressed if it’s the middle of winter or in a black plastic suit in the middle of the sun (though shade is nearby). Sometimes the narcissan complexities seem to overwhelm them. Otoh, you’re not a goth wearing a t-shirt 🙂

  2. When I was going to summer school at a different high school, I somehow attracted the attention of some goth kids..which I thought was very unusual, as I always was a social outcast in middle school. Anyway, they eventually asked me if I wanted to be goth too, and I asked them what was involved in being goth. They told me “Oh it’s nothing really, you just wear black”. Mind you, I think at the time they were telling me this I was sweating quite a bit from the sweltering Miami heat just wearing light clothing. I told them I’d think about it. Which is the polite way of saying “no thank you” in my book. I’m a non-conformist anyway.

  3. I recall either talking to someone or seeing someone on tv say how a leather jacket like that can actually keep you cooler. I forget the exact explanation, but it made sense.

  4. Grey. White. Silver. Futuristic. Cybergoths have it all sorted for hot weather. Also we show more flesh (to show off our cool machine tattoos). So summer is all good. Black in summer still looks good. Lots of people in LA still do it year-round. For further reference, see Rick Owens.
    Rubber is only for night-time, unless you like fainting a lot.

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