The Early Star Wars Drafts

From the excellent Mystery Man on Film:

32 years ago today a little film called Star Wars was released in only 32 theaters. To celebrate, I thought I’d repost a favorite article from a couple of years ago for Ed Copeland’s Star Wars Blog-A-Thon.

Two great lessons about SW that I hold dear to this day:

* The early drafts were so stunningly awful and so unlike the finished film, it’s such a great reminder that any bad script has the potential to reach great heights like Star Wars.

* Lucas had the amazing ability to scrap a script he just wrote and approach the story again from a completely different perspective, which he did repeatedly before settling on Luke and the hero’s arc. We all need this quality. Too many of us get too stuck on what we write and we lack the discipline to start from scratch or even approach our stories from a different perspective just to see how it plays.

Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Scriptwriting prowess is not something I would ever, in a billion years, bestow as a compliment on George Lucas.

    Honestly, the prequel trilogy has done a lot to hurt the first three. I have trouble watching them without thinking how horrible the “previous” movies were.

  2. I’m gonna second everything McGee said. The more George has had to do with the series, the worse it’s gotten. The first one was blessed luck, but it’s super corny and no matter how many special effects you could slap on it, if it was released this year for the first time, you’d laugh your ass off probably.

    Empire, as everyone knows, yadda yadda yadda, least Lucas involvement, best film, etc. Just because he rescued an absolute turd doesn’t make him Shakespeare.

    But hilarious stuff, nonetheless.

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