Christians Disgusted At Google Fossil Logo

The folks at the Rapture Ready Board rarely disappoint:

have you seen the latest Google logo???

“Scientist unveil fossil of Darwinian masillae’…I mean..I am really tired of this stupid AC world…
Sick stuff…

yeah i was about to post something on it. I find myself mad and in disbelief that googel would celebrate such an out right falsehood.

Its a monkey people!!!

As everyone keeps Reading The Bible says there will be a Increase in Knowledge in the Last days, Man Thinks he has all the Answers and they say this will pull it all togeather the Missing Link and Millions will fall for it. that is SAD Hell is opening her Mouth and Getting ready to Swallow many on this one,

I saw it and was going to post on it as well but you beat me to it. I almost threw my laptop it made me soooooooooo mad! Made me wonder what the logo would look like after we’re taken outta here!

I never use liberal Google either

This is just disgusting.

Gee Whiz, if Google is trying to stay in touch with what is going on in the world today, they should change their logo to have burning red flames of fire around it…… GOOHELL

I’m not surprised Google has put the missing link logo on there, one of their founders is a Russian and we know atheism is strong in Russia. Not surprising at all.

Oh, I’d just leave the Darwin-worshippers to bask in their own ignorance. They’re wise in their own eyes and, sadly, don’t realize that they are first-rate fools. One day soon, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father….including Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

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Catholic Church was aware long-term sex offenders were repeatedly abusing children for over 50 years in Irish schools


Sexual abuse was “endemic” in State-run institutions for boys and children lived in “daily terror” of being beaten over more than five decades, the long-awaited Commission into Child Abuse report has found.

The report, that runs to thousands of pages, outlined a harrowing account of the emotional, physical and sexual abuse inflicted on young people who attended schools and institutions from 1940 onwards.

It found that corporal punishment was “pervasive, severe, arbitrary and unpredictable” in the institutions where “children lived with the daily terror of not knowing where the next beating was coming from.”

The report said that the level of emotional abuse of disadvantaged, neglected and abandoned children by religious and lay staff was “disturbing” and that the Catholic Church was aware long-term sex offenders were repeatedly abusing children.

There were angry scenes at the launch of the report in Dublin’s Conrad Hotel this afternoon when some victims were refused admission. Reacting to the report, victims’ group One in Four said it was a “shameful day for Ireland”.

The report is a devastating indictment of Church and State authorities when it came to their exercise of responsibility for the care of children in the Republic of Ireland throughout most of the 20th century.

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Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church:

Waitress Fired For Refusing to Wear Makeup


Shenoa Vild hates to wear makeup. Face goop is simply not for her. She happens to think she has a naturally healthy, vibrant complexion. After meeting her, I have to agree.

But Vild, a waitress, says her former boss had an entirely different opinion.

He wanted Vild to wear makeup.

She wouldn’t.

So, she says, she got canned.

Vild had worked at Trophy’s in Mission Valley for five years without wearing makeup. Apparently, for all that time, it didn’t matter.

But the restaurant was sold earlier this year, and she says the new management wanted the women to doll up. Vild says she got the ax in late April when she wouldn’t.

Employers have the right to do this. A few years ago, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it is not discrimination for employers to make women wear makeup.