You Can’t Please Everyone – Gone With the Wind

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Gone With The Wind:

The portrayal of African Americans in this movie is a disgrace. The movie is glorifying the old south and thus glorifying slavery. When I watched this racist flick–I rooted for General Sherman! Slavery was wrong–the south was wrong–the right side won–get over it! This is like a sugar coated “Birth of a Nation”. (and the story is boring as well)

I tell my family that I don’t like this film and they think I am crazy- but I am not. This movie has to be the worst of all!!! For one thing- it is too long! I have better things to do with 5 hours of my time. Plus- it is not an epic romance! A good romance movie- it can not claim. The movie is basically about two alcoholic, money filled, greedy, rascist brats falling in love during a war which they totally portrayed wrong. I know- I wasn’t a live then. But I do know that that couldn’t have been how slavery was. They have a scene where they have the work bell, saying they could stop working, and they all smile and tlaking friendly and act almost happy about there surrondings! I find that hard to believe- that they were happy about being slaves. Another thing- I hate all the characters. Scarlet is a brat, Gables character is a brat, Ashley is boring, Melanie is too quiet and boring- and she never expresses her self. She should go up and slap Scarlet. My recommendation- never see this movie!!!!!! I would rather eat rocks!

Quite possibly the most overrated movie of all time. Who wants to spend five hours listening to a bunch of spoiled, racist brats? I’d rather slap Scarlett than kiss her. If this is what The Old South was really like, then thank God those damn Yankees won. I’d of marched with Gen. Sherman anytime!

at no point in this movie does anyone’s head explode in flames. truly great films such as welcome to spring break recognize the need for such scenes, but this movie clearly fails to understand the emotional resonance a burning head can create. if you want to see a truly great movie, check out welcome to spring break.

How can anyone seriously criticize this film? Well, some people can, but that’s not my point. The point is that this is the greatest American film since “Birth of a Nation.” Watch in awe as Scarlett and Ashley pine for the bygone days when the soft high sound of Negro laughter rises like the Louisiana marsh mist from the decrepit, rat-infested slave quarters swimming in lice and feces. Chortle with Rhett as he sprays misogyny across Georgia like an alley cat with a urinary tract infection. Pray with the Confederacy as it bravely attempts to defend time-honored traditions of patriarchal subjugation, racist contempt for human life and belligerent arrogance bordering on the psychotic. Boo and hiss as uppity Negroes humiliate the once proud South by asking for things like civil rights and a decent standard of living. Cheer for Scarlett (again) as she pops all her scruples like over-ripe zits in her pathological quest for a goal even she doesn’t understand. And finally, share in the triumph of the filmmakers as they achieve the astounding feat of creating sympathy and admiration for one of the most sordid and shameful chapters in American history. Can you think of any reason modern audiences might not be totally pleased with this sugar-coated atavism? I sure can’t.

One of the worst films ever made, period. I will never, ever, understand the fascination with this film, it is awful in so many ways:
1) It is at least 2 hours too long, it just goes on and on and on and you wish someone would just put these people (and you) out of their misery.
2) Had nothing (repeat, NOTHING) to do with the Cival War. If you want a movie about the Cival War then watch GLORY, the best Cival War movie ever made. It is nothing more than an Episode of Dynasty with nice sets and costumes.
3) So full of stereotypes it makes you cringe. From the southern Belles who act as if lifting a feather is too difficult for them, to the black slaves who do everything but eat watermelon, it is just sickening to watch.
4) The script: I could do better in my sleep “Oh Rhet, Oh Scarlett, Oh Melanie, Yankees in Georgia? Oh Honey Lamb !” Oh give me a break !!!
5) The acting: “Oh Rhet, Oh Scarlett, Oh Melanie”

The list goes on and on, if only this film had burned with Atlanta and saved us all from Ted Turner broadcasting it every other day. I’m tired of people thinking that this is some great american film. Yeh, and “The Jetsons” is the best TV show ever made, jeeez. This film is totally stupid, the only reason I gave it one star is for the lavish sets and costumes.

Why all the fuss about this movie? I agree with Helen Davidson using Rhett Butler’s quote, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” So much is said about this movie and it just doesn’t live up to it. With the exception of the panoramic scene of the wounded soldiers, the rest is trite. The acting is terrible, with the exceptions of Hattie McDaniel and some comic relief from Butterfly McQueen. The plot was ludicrous, the characters uninteresting and unappealing, and basically the whole film mediocre at best. I remember seeing it when I was a child (in re-release, I’m not that old) and thinking it was great but after sitting down recently and watching again, I was amazed that this holds such esteem in the film world. Either I;m missing something or it’s a question of the Emperors New Clothes.

Siskel And Ebert were dead wrong.If I were to rate it from 1 to 100 Id rate it 0.Not appropriate from children under the age of 76.Only good if u r 90 or older.Corny and yet it was a hit in the 70’s.Where do they think of this junk. This movie is a horrible influence on children today. They should of never put it back in theatres and sell it where kids can get their hands on it.

Gone With The Wind fables the story of a whiny southern belle in an era where she’s the last one who should be whining.It’s about 3 hours, thats like two tapes of her stomping and moaning over how some guy she loved “frankly doesnt give a damn”. The film climaxes as she decides what to wear to the ball. This film, which has been hailed as one of the greatest films of all time by the society of morons, is comparable to any “Ernest” movie. That is, without the laughs. So if you own a copy throw it out.

First of all. An irish family could not get that high in society in the 1860s. Second of all. Scarlet was such a snot who was mean to the people who did the kindest things for her. Also it was a hideous soap opera. Scarlet would merry one person. They would die and she would not care a bit. She was in it for the money. Where is the 0 star rating?

If she were to get killed I might just start clapping!

So many people excuse this bit of rubbish for its major problems because it’s a CLASSIC! WOW! That means it is in a holy category of untouchable films to which we must all pay lockstep hommage. Never mind that this plot is about as boring as an episode of a modern soap opera, but it also manages to glorify slavery, racism and sexism and cloak it behind words like “southern romanticism.”
I’m sure this film passed for something fun to do back in the 1930s but we no longer consider women stupid and unable to make decisions for themselves. I’m sure many people will tell me, “oh, it’s not about the politics, it’s about the art-form and portraying the time!” Well I can tell you what, African Americans and women weren’t anything like this, even back then.

I wonder what kind of reception GWTW would have gotten had it come out in 1945 and been about a love affair between a man and woman in Nazi Germany. Imagine Rhett Butler as the dashing U-boat captain who constantly evades those pesky British destroyers in the North Atlantic. Picture Scarlett O’hara as the totally self-absorbed Fraulein who can’t quite figure out what is in all those trains leaving town for central Europe because she is too busy thinking about a party dress. Despite the cinematic qualities of the film – which are undeniable – I cannot get past the fact that it romanticizes a society based on an evil institution. Achtung, darling, I don’t give a damn.

i gotta wonder about folks that enjoy this film.are they SlaveOwners or is that there Fantasy? there’s nothing important about this Long-winded racist one -sided’s as bad as Birth Of a Nation.typical HollyWood.

“But it’s a classic!” you may say to me. Well, you know what? It doesn’t matter because it still sucks. To tell you the truth, I never even watched it. I had an old VHS tape of it that was recorded off of CBS in 1983 and I just fast-forwarded through the movie to get to the commercials. Even at a high-speed this movie is crap. Frankly, my dear friends, I don’t give a damn about anything in this movie.

How could anyone say this is the geatest movie of all time?! The script is absolutely corny, the whole story in general is VERY unrealistic and dumb, the acting is down right STUPID, got sooooo boring after the first 30 minutes, and speaking of minutes this worthless film is WAY to long! 4 and a half hours?!! Get real people!!! If you want to watch some REAL entertainment check out “The Matrix”, “Terminator 2”, “Blade”, “Gladiator”, or “Independence Day”. Some advice from a 15 year-old.

Gone with the Wind has to be one of the worst if not the worst films in American history! it was a horrible, boring, ludicrous attempt to copy another movie. i think i liked this movie the first time I saw it when it was called “My Giant”.