Stunning picture of bird’s amazing upside-down flight

From EDP24:

Take a closer look at this stunning photograph of a greylag goose.

Your eyes do not deceive you – this puzzling bird really is flying upside down but with its neck and head twisted the right way up.

The incredible display of mid-flight acrobatics is also a remarkable feat of wildlife photography and stunned the man behind the lens when he looked back at his images.

Brian MacFarlane was simply photographing geese buffeted by strong winds at Strumpshaw yesterday, and did not expect to capture a moment of contortionism.

“The wind was making life difficult for the flying birds,” said Mr MacFarlane.

“Some were expert at controlling their flight, while others were being tossed around in mid-air.

“On closer inspection of the image I realised it had flipped upside down but kept its head the right way up. “Quite a feat!”