• Stephen

    And yet he uploads it anyway, for our amusement.. and pity.. for all eternity

  • @Stephen

    “I told you so” is even sweeter when punctuated by a keyboard playing domesticated long hair feline in a hawaiian shirt

  • Stephen

    Indeed, it does add that extra special punch only a smug feline pianist can provide

  • The best part of the video for me is the cutaways to the cat, licking his lips, getting ready to unload.

  • Also, dorky as hell, but I went back to the original video, recorded the song, and that’s now my ringtone.

  • lumpi

    Nothing can ever be so bad that keyboard cat couldn’t play it off. That thought gives me comfort.

  • Goaltender

    He’s crying because the sharks got eliminated. Heh heh…

  • Cornjob


  • I guess I’m the only one that hates that cat?

    Also: my father was the same kind of prick this dude is, always thinking he’s superior and that you’re stupid for thinking thoughts that weren’t approved by him.

    Both he and that stupid cat can go roast in hell.

  • Cornjob

    BAH! What do you know?!?

    Cat’s are keen. Cats’ are great! Cat’s are clean! They lick your plate! Go back to your loser MCS site. BAH!

  • Vlad the Impala

    I heart the kitty of the keys

  • Connie

    I think the dad had it right. I’d have done the same thing.

  • Rev. Snarfleez J. Cattleprod

    This kid’s dad is my hero.
    And, IMFO, he’s precisely the kick to the head that this kid needs to jerk him back to some assemblance of reality.

  • Curious

    The dad’s acting is horrible and this is obviously fake but adding the cat is genius! I haven’t laughed out loud at a video for a long time. Thanks! It went right to my favorites.

  • Wake Up

    I dont get it.
    This is a waste of time to watch.

    This is the type of dribble you get when you put a video camera (or webcam) in the hands of anyone and everyone.

    Take a lesson from those who create for a living.

    Not every thing you create is worth showing to others. In fact most of what you create should be left on the “editing room floor.”

    Have something to say.
    Say it well (aka Dont suck.)

    Dad is a lousy communicator/parent. So what?
    A teenage boy is depressed and/or mentally wacked. So what?
    This guy has learned how to splice an obnoxious cat video into his raw video footage. So what?

    Tell us something we dont know.
    Tell us a story that is worth our time.
    Dont be boring.
    Dont create junk.
    Only show us your best stuff.

  • DanB

    Wake Up, perhaps you can lead by example. Your comment sucked. Only show us your best stuff.

  • TS Greenie

    Keyboard cat is hysterical.

    Wake Up’s comment wasted my time, was junk and told us absolutely nothing.

    My point is, perhaps you should only show us your best stuff Wake Up.

  • wow, chris.
    a lot of your commenters can’t spell/punctuate.

    i am smugly superior.
    i judge.


    likely me, at this very moment.

    that vid made me laugh out loud. thanks for sharing!

  • dang

    For fans of keyboard cat:

    IMO, the best use of keyboard cat involves at least two cutaways to him, paws raised. It’s as if he’s watching every situation unfolding on Earth, waiting to cast his harsh feline judgment. Sounds like a familiar concept, but I can’t quite place it…

  • dang
  • McGee

    This was good, and believe me, I’m no big fan of “Keyboard Cat” or whatever it’s called.

    That said…I’m with the Dad 100% on this one. The kid’s brains are nowhere to be found. Why the hell would you broadcast yourself to the whole world? Once it’s online, it’s online forever for people like me to laugh at (and I was a-laughin’!)

    I really hope they confiscated his computer and got him to a mental health specialist.

    (And if he’s crying because the Sharks lost…shouldn’t he be used to that by now? CHOKE!)

  • Why did I enjoy this so much? I agree with The Critic..must have been those cutaways to the cat.

  • Schmoo

    @Curious: What makes you think this is fake?