Guest Friday Cat Blogging

Miss Cellania
sent me a picture of her new kitten and I thanked her and put it in my “To do” folder in my mailbox….. last January….. (My organizational skills is teh awesome!) Actually, I think the cat may be dead from old age now. But a promise is a promise.

Here’s a picture if you want it for your guest cat blogging. This is Savannah; she’s about five months old. My MIL wanted a Siamese cat because that’s what she’s always had, but has been catless for ten years while she had a Chow dog. Now he’s gone, so I bought MIL a kitten. Within a couple of months, she decided she’s too old to care for a kitten, so Savannah came to live with my family. The kitten has brought new life into my two adult cats! More pictures here.