Star Trek Rips off Star Wars

Spoilers so don’t click unless you want to know that Luke blows up the Death Star. (Oh, and the Star Trek spoilers)

Reminds me of this:

Which reminds me of this:


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  1. t(-_-t),

    yeah and star wars ripped off dune, so what

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  2. copperfish,

    Same reason every mainstream fantasy novel is identical:

    Young alienated child.
    Powerful stranger.
    World threatening evil.
    Child discovers skill/gift.
    Powerful stranger mentors child.
    Child struggles with gift/skill.
    Evil gains power.
    In a deus-ex-machina moment child masters power and defeats evil.

    Hero motifs – you have to love them.

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  3. outeast,

    Yeah, I’d suggest Homer sue except that I’m pretty sure he was a plagiarist.

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  4. Dylan,

    @copperfish-I think the bits of fantasy genre fiction that stray from Campbell’s hero myth have more to do with wish fulfillment on the part of the author (or readers.)

    I think the big takeaway is that these themes really are universal. Calling anything a ripoff (without some very clear plagiarism going on, ala Lion King/Kimba the White Lion) is meaningless. Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker and Jesus are all Telemachus (struggling against horrendous odds with an absent father,) and also Odysseus, the returning heroic father figure. The stories being told are about becoming an adult and they are everywhere.

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