1. Theres a good site that I like visiting called Healthslate.com

    It has different articles posted regularly about health, living green and organic… and other interesting health science articles.

  2. Blogadilla.com is always good for a bacon related post or the weirdness like albino porn.
    They claim it’s the unicorn of the pornographic world! =)


    1- Pinko Magazine (http://pinkomag.com/) for its snappy wit and selection of current political news.

    2- Awesome Jams (http://awesomejams.blogspot.com/) is a music blog by my friend Doug, a vell-versed music geek who also happens to be absolutely hilarious and his pants make cool noises when he walks.

    (I’d also like to thank you, Cynical-C Blog, for telling me about http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/. That blog made me SO HAPPY that I internet faux-passed without shame and forwarded its link to thirty of my friends.

    Thank you. Sweet jesus in heaven, THANK YOU.)

  4. Well, I’ll mention my own The Melvillain Blog melvillain.blogspot.com, but the one I co-author with my brother might be more up your alley, The Modular Man themodularman.blogspot.com. My latest favorite is The Lazy World of Arthur Ignatowski arthurignatowski.blogspot.com.

  5. None of these are especially obscure, but…

    Funky16corners is a fantastic funk and soul music blog by a cratedigger/dj with a superb collection of tunes. Check out the ‘radio podcasts’ section…

    butterflies and wheels (esp the proper blog bit, called notes and comment) is great for a philosophical/political thing – kinda reminiscent of the atheist/political side of pharyngula, but more rigorous (and more philosophically informed, more international, and more feminist). The comments threads there are especially high-calibre on the whole.

    The loom (on the discovery magazine blog site) is really great for science journalism. Ben goldacre’s bad science likewise. i would hope everyone here knows those two though.

    Weird universe should appeal to chris’ cynics – and it’s recently gone reader-contribution-based so is an interesting experiment.

  6. I’m with hearting Dark Roasted Blend – awesome time waster

    “Dispatches from the Island” is one I’ve recently discovered – Jorge Garcia’s blog. Lots of down to earth commentary about Lost production, hanging out in Hawaii and his world travels. Very laid back cool guy.

    Favourites that I read constantly, but are probably well known by now – Bad Astronomy, BoingBoing, and Waiter Rant.

    For the girls – Feministing, The Hand Mirror (NZ Feminist group), Jezebel.

  7. Damn it, all blogs I frequent I probably know from this site (and don’t even remember it). The few exceptions are either in German or so specific, they would probably bore most people.

    I’ll give it a try, though, and point out Kanye West’s hilarious (check out his all-caps headlines where he rages about the media) self-written blog about “dope” music videos, fashion, architecture, design and his bloated ego. Not really underground, though, but maybe the equally extreme opposite…

  8. http://www.bighappyfunhouse.com/
    photoblog of found photos- hilarity in the comments

    old photos from all decades. The fun is in the details and the occasional internet sleuthing to discover the story behind the picture.

    Feeling sorry for yourself? Think your day is crap? Some have it far worse. Carol Decker is one of the bravest people on the web, having lost not only her legs, an arm, much of her skin and all of her eyesight to an overwhelming infection in pregnancy.

  9. hmm… i’ll mention a couple that weren’t listed, but they aren’t exactly state secrets.
    http://simplyrecipes.com/ (formerly simply elise) favorite cooking /recipe blog… everything I’ve made from there has been spot on. new posts aren’t frequent but a large archive

    from the notempire, there’s usually something interesting on notcot… design, art, occasional gadgets, etc

  10. I love ScienceBlogs, all of them.

    And then there’s mine, which is still rather small even though some of the peeps I started out with think its “successful”. That certainly doesn’t mean the same as “profitable”.

  11. MichaelJohnGrist.com – an interesting blend of abandoned Japanese sites and fiction

    Schneier On Security – Bruce Schneier (considered by some the Chuck Norris of security)

    The Memory Hole – Russ Kick’s various treasures retrieved from Freedom of Information Act requests

    Tickle The Wire – Federal-level law enforcement news

    … and my blog should be linked from my name (though it is of dubious distinction when compared to the above-listed).

  12. Worthy of a visit every day!

  13. I am always looking out for blogs that reassure my belief that humanity is very stupid…blogs that look at the humor of stupid humanity, like “The Lighter Side Of…” from Mad Magazine. Any suggestions?

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