You Can’t Please Everyone – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Monty Pythong and the Holy Grail:

This movie is a aweful – it is basically a medieval geek fest.

I enjoyed the broadway show more than I enjoyed the movie, what a boring work of art.

This isn’t funny! If I went around saying “Ni” thinking I was some kind of great comedian rather than laugh people would point me towards the nearest lunatic asylum! Try some comedy which actually makes sense like the Vicar of Dibley.

I never liked these Monty Python movies. One of the very few scenes that I liked in this movie was the galloping horse noisemaker. The rest (80-90%) is just stupid and embarrassingly unfunny; the “classic” Black Knight scene deserves only a pity laugh. There are some movies that are so bad that they are actually funny; this movie is simply unfunny *and* bad.

The humor in the juxtaposition of the actors’ British accents which we Americans normally associate with high class and the actors’ very low class antics wears out after about the first 5 minutes. Especially when you’re hit with one lame joke or overkilled antic after another. Take out the British accent and this movie would be strip to what it really is: a bad movie with a fan base of Dungeons & Dragons players, people who missed out on Woodstock and who probably think getting seriously drunk is awesome fun.

This has got to be the worst movie I have ever watched. Granted, some parts are funny, but this movie just goes over the edge. One of my favorite movies is Spaceballs. It knows where to draw the line; The Holy Grail does not. If I had to sit through that much stupidity ever again in my life I would probably kill myself ten minutes into the movie.

I was convinced by a friend to watch this, and regretted it. I think my IQ dropped about ten points, and would have dropped further had I not fallen asleep in the middle of it. If you find pure ignorance and immaturity funny, then maybe this is for you, but I’d rather spend my money on something that makes sense, makes you think, and means something. I don’t understand why Monty Python is so popular, and it embarasses me that it is, specifically among people I know. It’s sheer brain rot, and whatever time you spend watching it is a total waste.

Not enough good laughs – too many slow, awkard, corny moments.

I love spoofs but this was just dreadful it is the worst movie i ever have seen so dum so boring and so horific it was gaisley never wach it I almost cried it was so horible.if I COULD I WOULDINT EVEN GIVE IT ONE STAR i WOULD DO 0

hello. my name is nee. i like to say nee. so here i go:


now i will sing:

nee nee i like to say nee


Without a doubt, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” is the WORST movie I have ever seen. It was so dull; it literally put me to sleep. Even the ending was lame. I don’t understand why they even bothered making such a stupid movie in the first place.

I especially don’t understand why so many people think this film is so fabulous. I mean, come on, guys, what’s the overall point of the movie? What’s the general theme?

Anyway, if you’ve read this entire review, and if you still want to purchase this DVD, that’s your own choice to make. But I’m staying as far away from this movie (and anything else related to Monty Python) as humanly possible.

whiny voices and annoying intonation; why do they talk like that? and the whole thing is way too silly, the jokes are too unpredictable, there’s no plot, just a collection of little low budget sketches that are immensely pointless. I really don’t get it, why is this movie so popular? It is definintely not for everyone.
Doctor strangelove and young frankenstein are comedy movies that deserve their reputation and status, as for this one, it really pales in comparison and it seems so amateurish and jovenile. Kids in a highschool could’ve come up with something better.

This movie is an insult to England. Not only is it grossly historically inaccurate, but this information appears to presented as if it is intended to be in some way realistic. Doing some research at a local university, I discovered that in fact, there was no castle Anthrax! Not only that, but the castle of AAAAAAAG is also a lie! I find it despicable. And the remaking of the trjoan horse was ridiculous, they thought it was a rabbit. No wonder that this ploy failed in the movie. The weight that a pigeon can carry was also inaccurate, and African swallows are migratory.

Its this kind of rubbish that is ruining our world.

But I thought this movie only succeeded on being dumb and pointless. Hard to fathom considering that it’s supposed to be an inspired and comedic take on King Arthur. I popped the dvd expecting a witty, satirical parody based on what some friends told me. What I got was time taken away from what I could’ve been doing. Like, wrapping my nuts around copper wiring and testing it’s conductivity with a lightning rod. I tried to watch through the entire thing but had to stop halfway through and finish it some other time because when I wasn’t bored out of my mind, I was constantly picking on the stupidity of it all. I will come out and say that SOME bits at the very beginning were pretty funny in a silly-ass kind of way (the coconuts and the socialist peasant). But I would have to say that the humor just isn’t there for me the rest of the way. Some border on infantile while others border on what the hell did I just see. It was that awful. Maybe the reason people revere this movie so much is because they defer to the comedy troupe. Well, then I would have to say thay this is the wrong movie to revere. I haven’t seen any other monty python movie but hey, if they’re all on the same level as this one then I’m pretty sure I’m not missing much.