You Can’t Please Everyone – Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl:

The story of a teenage girl who spent some time in an annex and found out about love, sex and everything else related to that age group could have been quite interesting, but Anne Frank’s personality and written style is a bit weak. I think this book has been way overrated. Sure it’s sad that one had to be stuck under such circumstances at that age, but let’s face it, their situation was not the worst: people brought them food, they had a radio, books, pens, magazines and even partial freedom to fall in love. From all the positive criticism given on this book, I was very disappointed. Anne Frank may have become a big writer, but only because she was Jewish and “suffered” during the Nazi era, not because she was a particularly good writer. So if you’re in for feeling sorry once again for the Jews, do read this book, but if you’re looking for a literary masterpiece, then don’t even bother to pick this book up.

This is the worst book I have ever read!!! I started it with an interest toward the Holocaust. Anne Frank never talked about anything even relating to this major historical event in her short life. Anne Frank did describe her sexual attraction to females(p.117). She was obviously very flirtatious, which I wouldn’t have minded if she had not filled almost half the book with it. Overall, Anne Frank was shockingly perverted, bad-tempered, and not very smart. Many teenagers act this way, but I have never met anyone who went to that extreme, and I have never met anyone who wrote it in a diary so descendents would be forced to read it. Even if that part was not in there, the book would still be horrible. She always writes about the same thigs. It is boring! So if you want to read this book you may, but I would like to warn you about this.

This is probably one of the worst books I have ever read. I have neither found the carm of it or the point of the book. Firstly, this book does not really show or deal with the Holocaust. It is about a girl who is growing up! Being the age of fourteen I have not been able to relate to her in any which way.Secondly, the book is very boring. She goes on endlessly about her bordemn and the fights that happen in the Annex. Lastly, it does not really share anything historical about the Hollocaust except for the idea of hiding. Overall I found this book pointless and very irrelevent. I have read much better books sbout the Holocaust that deal with many historical events. If you really want to learn more about the Holocaust I would recommend For Freedom:The story of a French Spy and Number the Stars.

It was really really boring. Its about some girl and her life- who cares!?! It is a total girly-girl book. Too dull to even care. I couldnt even pay attention to what happened to her, why it was so awful. Oh Well, NEXT…

I think this is not the diary of hate and the holocost. We learn more about what its like to live with 6 other people instead. It scarcely metions the Holocoust- besides the afterword. And when Anne Frank talks about “Blushing” as she called it, I assure you that you will be thourolly disgusted. With as little action as possible in a book, I don’t think it is worth reading. If you really want to learn something about the Holocoust, just read the afterword! Or, if you love, dull, unexiting books, with very unplesent conversation. Read Anne Frank by none other than Anne Frank!

I didn’t like this book because it was boring. That’s all that needs to be said. It was very very very very very very very very very very very boring. If you have to read this book shoot yourself first.S

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl, was unlike any other book I have read, it was a mix of everything. I don’t know why but it didn’t seem to keep my intrest. It was slow in the beging and then it kept going down hill. I am kind of disapointed because I am really interest in the Holocaust. I hope to find a better book.

I was forced to read this book twice, and the second time was even worse than the first. I understand that the Holocaust was a terrible event in history, but why does the school system make us read this terribly boring book? It is the worst book I have ever read. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but Anne Frank is more boring than the Home and Garden channel. She writes well, but why in the world should students have to read about her life as a young girl who does only one thing, complains. She goes on and on and on about NOTHING. It is like reading a broken record. I can’t believe that anyone could enjoy this book. I would rather watch professional bowling than read this book again. The day our english class had it’s final on the book I threw it in the trash. I have sworn never to read this book again. I can only recommend this book to people who enjoy reading the same thing over and over and over or are really bored. I wish I had the option of giving this book 0 stars because I would have done it in a heart beat.

I speaking as a 14 year old girl hated this book. I was forced to read it in 8th grade and it was a pretty good book but after a while it got very boring. I understand that this a horrific part of our history but come after so long of hearing about the same things a teenager will loose interest. So for those of you who are considering buying this book for enjoyment please reconsider for making your teenager read it.

hey i am 13 years old like her and had to read it for my school and i thought it was the most boring book i have ever read. I mean i totally respect the holocaust and i am not pregiduce i just hated that book and it totally wasted my time. THANK YOU

I know that the holocoust was horrible and something that we do not want to repeat again but Anne Frank is just BORING. im not prejudice and i feel horrible about the holocaust but what i don’t get is why is this girl complaining about her life? she had it way better off then some people. And why this diary is even famous. Anyone from the holocaust could have written a diary and be made famous. But a real good diary would explain the holocaust more then her own love life. Anne Frank is the most boring person i have ever seen in my life. When i was in grade 3 i didn’t even want to pick up this book but since i was forced to read it for a grade 7 school project….i had no other choice. i admit, there were some holocaust parts but for every PARAGRAPH there was about the holocaust…there were 30 pages about her “peeling potatoes” “feeling depressed” “studying” and “peter”. There was no action whatsoever and people say that you could actually feel what she was going through…i mean get a life people. I know it’s bad being cooped up and all..but….ughhhhhhhaoiwerualishfd bad book. And also…i can skip like 100 pages of the book and still know whats going on. I mean WHY AM I READING A BOOK THAT TALKS ABOUT HER WANTING TO REACH PUBERTY. seriously. so if you want to read a book about food, and 5 other people, family trees, and useless things that will never come in handy in your life then i urge you to read this book. but serseiouly you will have wasted your time. read some REAL holocaust books

Lets just start out saying, if I could I would give this book 0 stars.

Recently, I had to read this book for school. Trying to get through this book was phisicaly painful. There is no plot what-so-ever. She just skips from one topic to another.

This book is so boring and dry, that the most intresting part might be when she talks about peeling potatos.

If I could I would burn all of the copies of this book, so people don’t have to go through the hardships I did.

If you have at least one brain cell, you won’t buy this book.

This book was soo boring i read 2 pages then i burnt it. If you read this book i will personaly burn it for u……. SHe dint need to rite a fricken diary she just wanted to become famouse and she wanted people to feel sorry for her!!!!!!!

Having had the misfortune of reading the book and skimming over some reviews i have arrived to a few blasphemous conclusions:

100 times better than harry potter? To do some simple math- harry potter is nothing, zero, drivel. When one multiplies harry potter by a hundred one still gets nothing, zero, but a hundred times the drivel!

The only value this book has is …absolutely nothing but another opressed perspective which can be found among thousands of other diaries should one care to actually look.
Poignant? Not the least bit; it shouldn’t be anyhow. Only reason this book is popular is because of the human adulation of cruelty and enjoying to see this cruelty. Obviously all the effeminate readers of this must fell not sympathy or empathy, but pity- the acme of the expression of cruelty.
She figures out the true meaning of life? Spare me the stupidity- there is no one true meaning, and anyone who thinks that there is, is an idiot.
Indestructible nature of human spirit? Destroy the human and what?- you have destroyed the spirit.
Yes, we should especially listen to those who cannot even properly spell- a profound “a”ffect on everyday life? Taking this drivel seriously is cardinal idiocy.
A gift to us? In what way? Surely the perspective of her, if we listen to an authority, Hegel, is worthless- it is far too subjective.

Shiver at the loss? Death is a necessary condition. Once you stop thinking of it as torture you might see it as liberation (not in the swinish Christian sense though).

Having read over the reviews I come to a conclusion: good material for a withdrawn, God-fearing, effeminate, sickly animal. I am sorry if I have damaged anyone’shigh strung sensitivity.