You Can’t Please Everyone – The Big Lebowski

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at The Big Lebowski:

I had the misfortune on having to watch this trash. I am here to warn you… NEVER EVER SEE THIS BORING NON-SENSICAL GARBAGE!

I saw this movie on tv, with all the language cut out, and thought it was very funny. Bought the movie from amazon. Was totally disgusted. The ‘F’ word was the most used word in the movie, practically every sentence. No reason for it, it didn’t add a thing. I soon found myself disgusted and making unflattering comments in response to the characters lines. Gave it away. Should have burned it as the trash it is.

How can people like a movie in which every other word is the “F” word? If simple minded people get a kick out of watching a guy named the Dude smoke a “J”, I’m worried about this country. Spend your time elsewhere, because this is not a thinking man’s flick.

I am very disappointed that I accidently purchased HD DVD and cannot watch this movie because I do not have the HD DVD player. And returning it will cost about the same amount in shipping as the cost of the item.

I looked forward to this movie. The story and actors attracted me to it. However after hearing the “F” word every three or four words, I shut it off. Sorry to see our language sink to such low levels.

Like, the dude, he’s such a…like, a dude, man!…Whatever – this movie really stank. The only part I thought was clever was that his only form of ID was a Ralph’s card.

This movie is Terrible. I am not sure which one stinks most, Murphys’ “Holy man”, this movie or “Manhattan” by Woody Allen. These kind of movies should be label “sleeping movies”

I am surprized to see all these high reviews. My wife and I saw the movie and rated it as among one of the worst we have seen. The Dude character is cute for about the first 10 minutes but after that the movie becomes really repetitive… that and no real storyline. Very disappointed. Expected something much better from the brothers

Jeff Bridges and John Goodman are the key players in this movie. To me….they could not save this movie. I found little humor throughout the movie…there are a few comedic moments but overall I had few laughs. This sort of movie might appeal to some, but not to me. I highly recommend renting this one first before you buy it.

I had no expectations for this movie, as I did not know anything about it beforehand, but it was still a disappointment. It just seemed to go on forever. I guess with movies that have no real plot, there can’t actually be much of a natural ending. It had pointless obscene language and drug use. The dialogue was not funny, in fact the characters were so stupid with their back-and-forth it was frustrating. Maybe all the pot-smokers out there will think it’s trippy, but if you aren’t into that, don’t waste your time on this one.

Having loved Barton Fink, I was looking forward to something amazing! I didn’t get it! I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about! But then, we can’t all like the same thing. I gave it one star for Jeff Bridges. Usual his presence would guarantee at least a 2 star rating, but he wasn’t exactly lust material in this.

All of my friends have raved to me about this movie, and I finally watched it. It was just awful! There is no plotline, no likeable characters, and absolutely no point to this huge mess of a movie. None of the eccentric characters are even close to funny, and I found myself wondering why in the world they agreed to make this picture. Julianne Moore is a great actress, but she has absolutely no function in this film. John Goodman is great at what he does, but in this all he does is run around yelling, bowling, and screaming about Vietnam. Jeff Bridges just wanders around in his bathrobe for 2 hours muttering “man, ya know, man”. And then there’s poor Steve Buscemi – a wonderful character actor normally, but his character here is only allowed to say half his lines before Goodman’s character tells him to shut up.

And the plot…what plot? This movie had no development or climax…it just kind of ended, leaving me wondering what other worthwhile things I’ve could’ve done in the 2 hours I used to watch it. But maybe it’s just me…my friends sat around and laughed throughout the entire movie, why I will never understand…

This movie was very disappointing. After so many good reviews I thought it just had to be great. Just shows you you cant rely on public opinion ! The non-stop foul language didn’t help either. I suppose the script writer was struggling to come up with words to fill out the incredibly inane script.

I was told by many people to see this movie because it was “hilarious!” Sure it was! I laughed a whole 3 times during the movie. I feel bad for anyone who shells out money to see this pointess film. The plot goes nowhere. With so many charcters twists in the movie you would think the ending would make the movie better. NO! No charcter was funny at all. If you are into drugs then this is the movie for you!

Just because the characters are quirky and interesting doesn’t mean the movie is funny or good. The character Jesus’ potential was totally wasted. He could have been the funniest character but instead his lines fell flat and were boring. The plot was boring. The drug-tripping scene broke the continuity of the story. Any time a movie goer is suddenly reminded they are watching a movie, the movie has failed, and that’s what the tripping scene did for me. Fargo was ten times the movie this was. I will concede that if you’re a Coen Brothers fan, then you will probably enjoy this. But if you’re not, stay away! And do me a favor, don’t say this review wasn’t helpful just because you like the movie and want to punish me. This review is here for the non-Coen fans who might get hoodwinked into thinking this is a comedy. Which it’s not. If you didn’t enjoy any of the following, don’t watch this one: Raising Arizona, Barton Fink, Rushmore, Royal Tennebaums.

THE BIG LEBOWSKI was more of less a movie about three guys who bowl together. One of the guys was lucky enough to die from a heart attack. He didn’t have to suffer trying to act in an actless story. The film never got out of the gutter. By the time it was half finished, I began to realize that it wasn’t an awful movie. It was a tiresome movie. From a bunch of guys who could make humorous FARGO I expected something, anything, funny. It was a long wait and I’m still waiting. As to the dialogue, when are New Age writers going to realize that smut lines really do distract an audience from their story . . . Hey! Authors! Writers! I spent my childhood in a poolhall. Your writing is merde.

What are you people who rave about this movie smoking. It simply stunk, and I wasted a buck to rent it (not to mention an hour before I fell asleep). My wife now refuses to let me rent anything. (My last selection was Son of Rambow, so you see why). What the hell – not funny, no plot, and who wants to watch an ugly guy walk around in boxers and an ugly bathroom. Whoever gave this more than 1 star (I wish I could have given it 0) is an idiot! The Coen Brothers have done some good work – Fargo and Old Men, but this one was a dud.

Lots of 5 star reviews, gimme a break.
What an absolute load of ****, don’t waste your money. Acting-poor, story-worse, if you enjoy a good movie don’t insult your own intelligence with this garbage.


  1. You know – we are a nation that completely lost the whole idea, understanding and knowledge of the word “SUBTLE”. Okay, Maude flying down with flailing paintbrushes is not subtle, but I think you get my point. Or the coffee cup thrashing.

    None of my friends get this movie either. They just watch me laughing and look puzzled and ask what was funny about it. I, however, am proud to say that I am a Lebowski. Maybe it was art school that did it to me.

    The wacky thing is my favorite scene is when he crashes the car. Don’t ask me why – it is just the funniest car crash I’ve ever seen. Even MORE embarrassing is when he gets it back and all that was left was the Creedence tape – well I actually lived that. I had a car stolen that was full of tapes and they all got taken but Creedence. I kid you not.

  2. Not my favorite Cohen bros film, but still better than 9/10ths of what comes out at the theaters. The scattering of the ashes scene still cracks me up just to think about.

    And this comment?

    This movie is Terrible. I am not sure which one stinks most, Murphys’ “Holy man”, this movie or “Manhattan” by Woody Allen. These kind of movies should be label “sleeping movies”

    I just don’t know what to say about someone who lumps these three films together as though there were anything more holding them together than “American comedies.”

    Wow, asshat, learn some categorical discernment.

  3. A recurring theme on these 1 star “reviews” are the people who give 1 star to anything that has a “bad” word in it. These people have effectively bowlderized their entire world view. They are self-imposing Newspeak upon themselves but will never realize it because they also gave 1984 a 1-star review! I like feeling superior to these people because I AM superior to them!

  4. Big personal favorite for me.

    Surprisingly, I can understand why some people don’t like this movie. They must have been passed over for the Urban Achiever program.

  5. Really Fred? It’s not like they have events centered around Lebowski or anything now. Didn’t you have basically the same comment yesterday?

    Chris, you’re right. You can’t please everyone and Fred has become Mr. Irony hating on this series.

  6. i’m surprised to see how many people are so offended by the f-word. i didn’t know it was that big of a deal.

    i never even noticed how much cursing there was in the movie until i saw the youtube clip that edited all the f-words together… having said that, i should point out that i’ve only seen the movie a handful of times and not at all in the past few years.

  7. It’s interesting to see how many people assume that they don’t “get” this film because they are not part of the “drug culture” in america.

  8. @klaatu – HAHA I always love that part when it plays on TV! The most ridiculous dubbing ever.

    That aside, WTF. I can understand disliking Office Space, but The Big Lebowski? This movie has been in my top 10 since the very first time I saw it. Fucking brilliant.

  9. I, too, haven’t seen it.

    But I can’t criticize those who criticize it for overuse of profanity. In certain movies, dropping the F-bomb every five seconds turns me off. It makes me enjoy it less. Yes, people swear in the real world, but not anywhere near like this, all the time (unless they’re twelve and they think they’re badasses).

    Even in Deadwood I found it occasionally distracting – but what made it fit was how stunningly awesome and poetic some of the non-profanity could be. It was a weird but effective mesh.

  10. Apparently these critics missed the treatise on the triumph of social capital and authenticity over nihilism and greed.

  11. I love that in almost every YCPE there’s someone explaining that they granted the movie/album/book/whatever one star for its one redeeming feature… seemingly never realizing that 1 star is the lowest rating possible on Amazon.

  12. I was wondering when the 3 times the one reviewer laughed were.

    I too am an Achiever. I just need to order my shirt and plan my road trip to Lebowski Fest!

  13. I have to confess I’ve never made it through this film. I’ve tried to watch it three times and every time I just lose interest.

    ::ducks and runs::

  14. You all are a bunch of fucking pussies for complaining about the use of the fucking fuck fuck language in this movie. Fucking movie is a fucking cult fucking classic!! Fuck you. Fuuuuuuck!!! I guess only a few privileged dumb fucks like me understand true fucking comedy in this fucking movie.

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