You Can’t Please Everyone – The Great Gatsby

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at The Great Gatsby:

this booke is very stupid, just like all the other secular writers out in the world. quite frankly, they should not be writing about “worldly” things that do not affect people in any way whatsoever! after reading this book, your life will be the same as before you read it…why not read a book that will change your life and the way you think of things? what book is this? it is “THE BOOK”… the BIBLE! God loves you no matter what, but why not give your life to him as he gave his son for you? God Bless You and May Your Days Be Bright!!!

The way that FSF wrote made it very difficult for me to follow and understand what he was saying. Everything was almost written philosphoically. I had a hard time concentrating on the words written because I simply lost interest in what was being said. It wasn’t exciting enough to keep my attention.

In my time I have read many novels, most of which were at least pleasing and gave me a sense of having learned something. In this soap-opera-like “classic” nothing is accomplished except reviewers making themselves look good by calling the book good. The book had no point beyond the obvious, and if you found something deep within it, you are obviously a very stupid person who had little understanding of life before reading this novel. You all should be ashamed of yourselves

terrible, terrible, terrible! This incredibly boring book, although considered an american classic, is dismal. Don’t bother with it, and read Douglas Adams instead.

This book was God awful. I felt so disappointed when i read that gatsby was murdered. I felt as if the world collapsed on me as i read this catastrophic event. Gatsby is the miz an and daisy is a sliz to the iz ut. Scott Fitzgerald i wish u were alive so i could kill u. Love DGS!!!

Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring!

They say a book can never get old, and with age they become classics. The Great Gatsby is a prime counterexample of this.

In my opinion, a book that is entertaining and exciting needs to stretch the mind. It needs to use great imagination. Imagination makes mystery and murder novels scary and thrilling. Imagination makes a sci-fi interesting. What is there to imagine about The Great Gatsby? There are murders, but not very unique ones. If I wanted to read a good murder mystery, I would go to Thomas Harris. As for the love story The Great Gastby is placed around, I see this as the only conflict in the book. Every event in the entire book was based on this unrealistic relationship between Daisy, Tom, and Jay.

To conclude, I would expect this story in a 1920’s newspaper rather than being a mass produced as a “classic” novel. The only use I have for this book is a sleeping-pill substitute.

That way he cannot write something this trite and boring again. “Slow to start” and “ambling” are such understatements when describing this thing I can barely call a book, yet alone a novel. The overflow of useless and uneeded information in this thing makes it several chapters longer than need be. In fact, if Fitzgerald had written this book properly (no extra junk I could care less about) it would have been EXACTLY two sentences long- “I’m rich.” and “Oh, boo hoo.” The plot line resembles an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 (namely “Let’s sit around and whine about being rich. Next we’ll get drunk and call each other names, fight, and run each other over!” SHUT UP ALREADY!) I can rarely can say this, but I HATE HATE HATE HATE this book! FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK IF YOU CAN HELP IT!

When I first read this book, I thought it was very bad. Then in class it caught my interest again. I do not know why. I wasted much time reading critical appraisals, but they are all junk. So is this book. I don’t care what anybody says there are *SEVERAL* parts that *DO* seem to be “scribbled drunk” and are nearly unintelligible. The book is filled with all kinds of errors, particuliarly chronological. There is also plenty of *PREJUDICE* and *RACISM* in this book. Wolfsheim is singled out as “a small, flat nosed Jew” despite the fact that he never mentions this. Nick also constantly refers to his “tragic nose”. What garbage. Also when Tom talks about the “Superior Nordic Race nobody seems to care *IN THE LEAST* about the horrible things he is saying. Nick’s maid is refered to as “my Finn”, which is so racist as to be almost unintelligible. Daisy and Gatsby are proposterous characters. The idea that they can never get together *MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER*. I don’t care about society standards that is completely ridiculous. That Daisy would even think of staying with Tom dates this book *HORRIBLY* at the very least and more realitically turns into *A VIRTUAL CARTOON*. How and why Gatsby would do what he did is not believably in the least. Gatsby would never have gone to Oxford if he had truly cared about Daisy. The Confrontation makes absolutely no sense. Tom calls Gatsby a bootlegger with a drink in his hand. That is *THE WEAKEST WRITING I HAVE EVER SEEN.* Don’t bother to read this book.

Man, what self-indulgent rubbish.

“I am so rich…I am so observant…My friends are so rich…My friends have great parties…Gatsby is so rich…Gatsby is so neat…”

So it’s a great story about the Jazz era. It wasn’t that great an era.

If I wanted to read about lame, rich, full of themself people going to parties, I’d pick up People magazine.

A bore.

I though it was a really bad book, and most of the other people that read it in school for L.A. with me also did not enjoy it. It could have left out many of the chapters in my opinion, most of them had no point. I read some of the other reviews, they said they couldn’t put it down, but I dreaded the days we had to read from it for homework. I also didn’t like his style of writing, the symolism was okay, but too deep for some people. I would not recomend this book to anyone.

I would give this so-called “classic” zero stars if it was possible. The language is vulgar and archaic, with words such as “gay” and “excitement” used completely erroneously. Fitzgerald could not even be bothered to spell gaiety correctly, though I suppose that is as much his editors’ and publishers’ fault as his own. This book was unpopular when it was written and is unpopular now, so why do we teach it in our schools? Do we really want our children to emulate ANY of the characters or “virtues” conveyed by this book? First, we have the main character, Nick Calloway, who is so spineless and passive that he doesn’t speak up even when it would have saved Gatby’s life. Next, we have Tom and Daisy Buchanan who are so out of touch with reality that they can’t even realize how pathetic their marriage actually is. Last, but certainly not least, comes Jay Gatsby, also known as James Gats. Gatsby is living a seventeen-year-old’s dream whichwould be fine, if he were seventeen rather than thirty, but is total folly at his age. Besides these few specific characters, the cast as a whole demonstrates a blatant disregard for laws big and small, from abolition to murder.

Fitzgerald did not create a masterpiece with this horrifying wonder of modern literature. In the story his over use of meaningless description and verbosity indicates to the reader that he was trying too hard, and it would be unrealistic to believe that this is a natural voice. As an example of writing style, I would expect it from someone in grade 6, with a dictionary. The sentences are basic and blunt, and interspersed with horrendously redundant words that were probably put there to make the author look smart, since they were more than 5 letters long of course!. If the author was alive, I would suggest he re-write the story without the blatant attempt at Dickens verbosity and write it in an actual voice that is readable and consistent.

I fail to see why this book is such a literary rave. It’s the story about spoiled rich people with no meaning to their lives. If this is the best of the author’s works, I won’t read any more of his books. There are too many truly good books in the library.

The Great Gatsby contained nothing more than can be found in a TV soap opera. All of the characters where one sided and underdeveloped. The book makes a poor attempt at exploring human nature, which pales in comparison to great novels such as “Catcher in the Rye”. It was one of the most boring and shallow books that I have ever read

Oops, sorry about that ! I seem to have fallen asleep again. Wonderful book for insomnia this….zzzzzzzzz

This book is a perfect example why kids don’t like to read or find it boring. I read this in high school and was turned off by books.

I really tried to get into this book. Sorry, I could not get past the shallow, dislikeable people and situations. Prose and symbolism are nothing if accompanied by a boring, unreadable plot. Maybe that is the point, but there are plenty of classic books that have it all: prose, symbolism, good plot, good characterizations, action, social commentary etc. It seemed like this book was an outline of a novel where the author sketched the main points, threw in some symbolism, then decided not to fill in the outline and create any depth to the story. Maybe that was the point, but it made the book really lacking. It does not require a thin, shallow book to portray thin, shallow people or times.

People rave about the brilliance of Fitzgerald. I was under the impression that the purpose of a novel was to entertain. I argue that a book that is painful to read, however perfect the style or structure, can never be ‘brilliant.’It failed to entertain me and it failed to convey its fundamental mesage of social criticism. It is a waste of precious time.

This book was just so bland. So vanilla. this book had nothing of any importance to me what so ever. I had no emotional ties to the characters and the whole thing just made me yawn!

What has perhaps seduced some into thinking that The Great Gatsby is a “great novel” is that it does go after great themes, and was written by a talented writer. If you want to get a sense of Fitzgerald’s talent, read his short stories: they crackle with life, excitement, and unlike this novel, have stories that pull you in and move you along hypnotically. Gatsby does not. It is like a great suspension bridge for which the pillars have been laid (the “great themes”) but at no time was attention given to putting down the road itself–any plot or characters we can get our teeth into. It is a punishing bore. And I suppose those who like it are those who are so entranced by well-weighted sentences that they can get caught up in it easily. There are two well written pages, especially his description of the people traveling from Minnesota to the East. Those of us who demand more–and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with demanding an interesting plot!–are quite numerous, and for us, the rest of the book is unbearable. Yes, the theme is potentially great. But the book, like a failed suspension bridge, is a disaster.

Excellent substitute for valium… The most artificially inflated phenomenon since the 1929 stock market, and likewise this book seems like a worthy instigator of a great depression.

It seems that complaining is the national pastime, and this book is no exception. It would apear that Mr. Fitzgerald was somewhat unhappy, and decided to tell the world, along the way gving the rest of us something else to complain about. The critisisms of the American dream, and of rich people are true certainly, but hey, we already knew that. He seems to veiw love in a distant manner, as if it never works out for anybody. Self pity is such a wonderful thing, isn’t it. So, if your feeling the least bit perky, just pick up a copy, and soon, if it doesn’t put you to sleep, you’ll find yourself in a dreary funk.

I absolutely hated this story. All the characters did was moan about their lives and do stupid things. Daisy was a complete waste of oxygen and the rest of the characters just cried. There was no action, no suspense, and no real plot. The story didn’t pick up until the end which is, let me remind you, the end. This book should never have written!…