You Can’t Please Everyone – Blazing Saddles

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Blazing Saddles:

This is the most tedious, unfunny, overrated movie of all time. It’s interesting that this is from the same man who produced Spaceballs, which was actually rather humorous (though also quite tedious at times). I’ll always be at a loss to understand why people think it’s so funny. His utter lack of subtlety is terrible to behold.

Unfunny. Badly timed. Tedious gags. Silly. Uninteresting. Dull. Simple-minded. Fast-forward. Regret buying. Give it away.

…I thought this was funny but now looking at it as an adult, there’s really not much funny about the bathroom humor and racial jokes. In fact, it’s downright insulting and degrading. And it’s not insulting and degrading in a funny way. There’s no way I can recommend this unfunny nonsense.

One word describes this movie perfectly PATHETIC.

THIS is Mel Brook’s WORST movie ever. I think it’s sad how so many great actors would’ve been in it, but THAT was then.
Usually EVERYTIME I read a review on Amazon, at least ONE [or two] people give any item “1 star”, but I’m disgusted to find so many [rednecks?] giving this piece of trash “5 stars”.

So….I’LL be ‘that one person’!!

The OVER-hype-n-tripe reissuing of THIS film on VHS or DVD is also pretty weird considering IT probably used the “N word” more than ANY other film in the past 30+ years! I can’t believe any TV channel [cable or broadcast] would still even show it!

With it’s ‘synthesized animal abuse’ & ‘over-use of the N word’ it should’ve been burned & tossed years ago…

Mel thought it would be funny to invite “horses to bring their owners to the drive-ins” on it’s first release, but I think Mel did MANY GREAT other films like “The Producers” [his BEST!] “High Anxiety” & “Silent Movie”……….so STOP re-issuing this piece of garbage over & over…OK??

This Movie is so Not Funny! I sat down and watched this flick with some friends who loved it and i have to say what a waiste of my time. This movie tried so hard to be unny but was not funny at all. I know a lot of rebiews were good about this movie, maybe good to the older crowd who are in there 40’s and 50’s but for the hip young generation and sophisticated one like mine in the teens and twenties this movie is pure crap. Nothing good about it at all. I just can not believe people find Blazing Saddles such a great comedy. Oh well I hated the movie.

Bad.Boring.Old. What else

I had such high hopes for this film. It came out the same year as YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, which is one of the best comedies ever, and Mel Brooks’ best movie. And yet this is the worst one I’ve seen. I’ve seen all but five, and only missed the ones that aren’t really important, like LIFE STINKS. BLAZING SADDLES has a good cast, lots of funny people, and people who work well with Brooks, like Gene Wilder and Madeline Khan. But there’s about three good jokes in the whole film, and if you blink, you’ll miss them. One of the most embarrassing movies I’ve ever seen.

If you like tasteless juvenile humor then you’ll probably like “Blazing Saddles.” “Blazing Saddles” is a long, drawn-out movie with an absurd plot and much of the humor is at the high school level. This movie is long on hype and short on substance so don’t waste your money on it. If I could, I’d give this movie a zero.

I don’t find this movie funny at all. It’s so boring thatI did not finish the DVD. I regret buying it even though it cost me only 10 dollars.

Blazing Saddles is one awful movie. I have not see a movie in this day of age that is so dumb.


  1. To all the brainless ones who don’t find Blazing Saddles funny……………. Crawl back under your rocks and never darken the skies around me ever again! This is one of the funniest movies of all time!!!!!!!! I once gad it on VHS and loved it way back when it first came out. And now I only have it on DVD. When I have friends over and we’re in the mood for a comedy, Blazing Saddles is always a top pick. It never gets old, even though the film is 30 years old. IT’S SATIRE, STUPID! and CLASSIC!!! If you don’t get the jokes it’s because of your own short comings….NOT THE FILMS’. YOU MENTAL MIDGETS ARE TOO STUPID to even be allowed to own a computer.

  2. I admit that I’m not the biggest Blazing Saddles fan. I find some of it great, but other parts of it just…well, dull. I can never get into it.

    My favorite Mel Brooks movie is by far Young Frankenstein.

  3. I’d like to find that hip young sophisticated person and slam their head in a car door… again and again and again and again…

  4. But, but, but…Blazing Saddles is tied (with Young Frankenstein) for The Second Finest Movie of All Time!

    (The Finest Movie of All Time is Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  5. Wow. I’ll bet each and every one of those one-star reviewers are experts on cinema thanks to the one freshman year film class they took in college.

    Humorless snobs, the lot of them.

  6. +2 to FlamingAtheist

    You seriously made me laugh way too loud at work.

    You’ve got to remember that these are just simple veiwers. These are people of the internet. The common clay of the new World. You know… morons.

  7. WHAT. I’m a hip young guy in my twenties and there is nothing anyone could ever say to me that would convince me that Blazing Saddles is anything other than genius.

    I would gladly bet some substantial amounts of money that the people saying that it’s unsubtle and juvenile wear kiffiyehs or something of that sort.

  8. reading those reviews made me puke in my hands. Simply one of the best comedies ever!

    let’s find these people and work up a Number 6 on em!

  9. orangefall says:

    April 15th, 2009 at 3:17 pm
    +2 to FlamingAtheist

    You seriously made me laugh way too loud at work.

    You’ve got to remember that these are just simple veiwers. These are people of the internet. The common clay of the new World. You know… morons.

    LMFAO hahahahaha. These idiots don’t get it…they cant process the genius of Mel Brooks, everything is over their heads. Brooks’ films require a level of intelligence and understanding of film…watch some Westerns then pop Blazing Saddles back in

  10. This movie was horrible. For those who argue that this is over the heads of some people, you’re idiots. The humour in this movie would barely make a 13 year old chuckle, i can’t see why mature grown ups would find this ‘hilarious’. I laughed twice in the whole movie. I remember trying to force some laughs just so my flatmate thought i was enjoying myself, but i was faking it in order not to ruin the mood. This movie is abysmal, not because it is controversial; but rather because it’s filled with the lowest common denominator humour. Fart jokes? man… l a m e .

  11. I agree with Dave. You’d have to pretty dumb to think any of the wack jokes in this movie ACTUALLY go over people’s heads.

    I watched this movie about 3 months ago, LOATHED it, and just like Dave, I had to FORCE myself to laugh at this crappile of a movie.

    I should’ve learned my lesson about trusting hype about 8 crappy overly praised movies ago.

  12. Dave and TD,

    As honorary chairman of the forum committee, it’s my privilege to present a laurel, and hearty handshake to our newest…

  13. for the sophisticated audience, in their teens and twenties – now that is what i call an oxymoron!
    now THAT’S funny!
    btw, i am 44, and actually saw the movie when it was released – and it has never been funny. bad writing, cheap laffs, etc etc etc…

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