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Day April 15, 2009

Star Wars/MacGyver Opening

Question of the Day

Abbi asks: What are you having for dinner tonight?

I’m actually in the process of moving right now to a new and improved Cynical Compound which means all this week I’m packing and have little time to worry about dinner so tonight’s feast will probably be catered by the good folks at McDonalds although after seeing the Dominos video earlier this week maybe I’ll just play it safe and eat whatever crumbs have fallen in my ice cube tray in the freezer.

So Cynics, what’s for dinner?

Photos of Child Labor in Bangladesh

From Zoriah.net:

For the last four years I have been working on child labor in Bangladesh.

Child labor has been forbidden in Bangladesh since 1992. In December 2005 I visited a garment factory in Narayanganj, which is the center of the garment industry in Bangladesh. I took a picture of the owner beating a 12-year-old boy because he had been too slow sewing t-shirts.

According to the U.N. Children’s Fund report, more than 6.3 million children under 14 are working in Bangladesh. Many of them work under very poor conditions; some of them even risk their life. Factory owners pay them about 400 to 700 taka (10 USD) a month, while an adult worker earns up to 5,000 taka per month.

25 Years of Growth in Las Vegas

From NASA’s Earth Observatory:

These images of the western portion of the Las Vegas metropolitan area show the city’s steady spread into the adjacent desert landscape. Undeveloped land appears along the left edges of the top two images. Here, the land on the city’s outskirts appears in shades of beige and tan, with just a hint of the street grid to come. By 1989, however, development filled the upper left corner—a residential area, complete with curving roads and semicircle streets. In subsequent images, development spreads southward, and by 2004, the entire image shows cityscape, including Interstate 215 passing through southwestern portion of the city.

In these images, buildings and paved areas appear in shades of gray or beige, the clearest example being the McCarran International Airport near the bottom center of each image. Meanwhile, the occasional park or meandering golf course appears green-brown. Perhaps the most conspicuous golf course appears in the lower left of each image. The course was still being developed in 1984, but appeared complete in later shots. In the 2009 image, grassy areas appear less intense in color, and their lighter hues likely result from the time of year that Landsat acquired the image. In the same image, patches of dark colors appear along the Las Vegas strip, thanks to tall buildings casting their shadows toward the northwest.

Quote of the Day

Oh dear:

And in Cavuto’s defense, if you are planning simultaneous tea bagging all around the country, you’re going to need a Dick Armey.

Glenn ‘WTF’ Beck Calls for Secession

Listening to Glenn ‘WTF’ Beck nowadays is almost exactly like listening to that homeless guy in Harvard Square who looks like Robin Williams in The Fisher King and rambles on incessantly about how the trees are out to get him.

Uncomfortable Plot Summaries

Awesome! Here are some of my favorites:

ALIENS: An unplanned pregnancy leads to complications.
GROUNDHOG DAY: Misanthropic creep exploits space/time anomaly to stalk coworker.
HARRY POTTER: Celebrity Jock thinks rules don’t apply to him, is right.
RED DAWN: Despite shock-and-awe tactics, a superior occupying force is no match for a tenacious sect of terrorist insurgents.
STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE – Religious extremist terrorists destroy government installation, killing thousands.
JUNO: Teen fails to get abortion, ruins lives.

(via Gerry Canavan)

You Can’t Please Everyone – Blazing Saddles

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Blazing Saddles:

This is the most tedious, unfunny, overrated movie of all time. It’s interesting that this is from the same man who produced Spaceballs, which was actually rather humorous (though also quite tedious at times). I’ll always be at a loss to understand why people think it’s so funny. His utter lack of subtlety is terrible to behold.

Unfunny. Badly timed. Tedious gags. Silly. Uninteresting. Dull. Simple-minded. Fast-forward. Regret buying. Give it away.

…I thought this was funny but now looking at it as an adult, there’s really not much funny about the bathroom humor and racial jokes. In fact, it’s downright insulting and degrading. And it’s not insulting and degrading in a funny way. There’s no way I can recommend this unfunny nonsense.

One word describes this movie perfectly PATHETIC.

THIS is Mel Brook’s WORST movie ever. I think it’s sad how so many great actors would’ve been in it, but THAT was then.
Usually EVERYTIME I read a review on Amazon, at least ONE [or two] people give any item “1 star”, but I’m disgusted to find so many [rednecks?] giving this piece of trash “5 stars”.

So….I’LL be ‘that one person’!!

The OVER-hype-n-tripe reissuing of THIS film on VHS or DVD is also pretty weird considering IT probably used the “N word” more than ANY other film in the past 30+ years! I can’t believe any TV channel [cable or broadcast] would still even show it!

With it’s ‘synthesized animal abuse’ & ‘over-use of the N word’ it should’ve been burned & tossed years ago…

Mel thought it would be funny to invite “horses to bring their owners to the drive-ins” on it’s first release, but I think Mel did MANY GREAT other films like “The Producers” [his BEST!] “High Anxiety” & “Silent Movie”……….so STOP re-issuing this piece of garbage over & over…OK??


Daily Dose of Ingersoll

A religion, to command the respect of intelligent men, should
rest on a foundation of established facts. It should appeal, not to
passion, not to hope and fear, but to the judgment. It should ask
that all the faculties of the mind, all the senses, should assemble
and take counsel together, and that its claims be passed upon and
tested without prejudice, without fear, in the calm of perfect

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Truth” (1897)

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