You Can’t Please Everyone – The Wizard of Oz

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at The Wizard of Oz:

I do not like the Wizard of Oz. For one thing, I don’t like to watch things with witches in them, especially if one of them is portrayed as a “good witch” – that’s an oxymoron I can’t reconcile with. For another thing I don’t like Judy Garland’s breathless diction or Frank Morgan – The star I give this goes exclusively to the Tin Man, who was always my favourite and still is. But I can’t stand sitting through this movie just to watch him, though I might if I could fast forward the other parts. It’s all just such fantasy fluff, and I like something that has a bit more reality to it. This falls perilously short of the mark. Don’t bother with it.

If you’re a fan of hammy acting and schmaltzy stories, this movie is for you. I myself hated the movie upon my first viewing of this piece of garbage when I was five. Since then I’ve went into convulsions everytime I hear the crappy “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Please don’t buy this movie.

Simply emesis inducing.

the wort movie ive ever seen .I mean they clorized once color tv came out and there special effects are lame ,the costumes are ugly the props are ugly so never buy this film!!!!

So you think this is good eh? Well,it stinks! There is’nt much point in watching it. This movie should be a movie only babies watch. For some reason,my sister likes this movie!?! Now tell me,what could be more pointless then watching a little girl and other stupiod characters (tin man,scarecrow,etc) going to a castle where the Wizard turns them back to where they belong. Boring!

Graphics 0/5
The worst graphics in history. Even movies like Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer had cooler graphics. When I’m watching it,I force myself to see once I get to the castle part….. woooosssshhhh I run out of the room so I don’t see this totrure.

Sound 1/5
The sound is okay. But difinitly not the best

Overall 0/5
Whatever you do,don’t buy this If you do,you are giving me your money and I’m going to buy you the Increbles. You will and I mean WILL be sorry if you by this

What? Classic? Classic,(…). THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST FILMS EVER MADE. I don’t ever want to watch it again. The last time I watched part of it was in 3rd grade. Yuck! It’s disgusting. It’s right down there with “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace”, “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”, “Licence to Kill” and the Special Editions of the original “Star Wars” trilogy. Yuck, yuck, yuck. If anyone says, “Hey watch this film,” schedule an immediate root canal. If anyone pays you to see it, jump into a live shark’s mouth. If anyone holds a gun to your head and forces you to see it, pull the trigger.

This film is troublesome on too many counts to list here but I will try.

First, the story is implausible. Oz is not the sort of place children dream of, usually they dream of running or flying or getting lost. The “Oz” story was already a tired conventional hackneyed subject and should never have been filmed in the first place.

Also the color — what is this fixation on color in that period? Tone things down, please.

The characters are argumentative and malicious, bogged down in their own fantasies and “needs”. No child is going to relate to a woodsman, let alone a woodsman who has had limbs cut off one by one and replaced by tin. (By the way, I never once believed he was made of tin.)

When singing is employed in film, it should be in the backgroud; the characters should not be lipsyncing to the music unless there is a radio playing in the background.

The concept of a “straw man” refers to a malignant red herring thrown into an argument to confuse the debate. Children are not going to pick up on this, and those that do are too intelligent to be watching movies like this.

The fixation with Judy Garland — why? Plain, too fat, simpering and controversial. She had — too put it mildly — a bawdy life as a teenager, and was held high as a role model until the Troubles began. If children read her life’s story, their blood would curdle. Who needs that?

When I see a movie, I do not expect technical perfection — I can suspend a little disbelief and overlook wires from flying monkeys and such. Too much attention to this was given in building the sets and in the camera work. Money would have been much better spent on better actors. And what was with all those directors?! No wonder this movie looked like it was filmed by a committee.

Making fun of little people? I DON’T THINK SO!

I could go on and on.

The Wizard Of Oz is generally regarded as a great film. Well, maybe in 1939 it was great, put today in 2001 this film is just toooooooooo outdated and hokey. Judy Garland plays Dorothy (like you didn’t know) but she gets really obnoxious after a while. The whole movie Dorothy’s complaining about going back to Kansas. Urgg! I got so sick of hearing her whine and complain I almost turned the movie off! The cowardly lion is annoying and the man who plays him (his name escapes me) just can’t act. He either over-acts or under-acts. The Tin-man was O.K., but I felt he was wasted. All he ever did was rust up. The Scarecrow was probably the only character I didn’t hate, oh yeah, and Toto. The Wizard of Oz is over 60 years old and it shows it’s age. It’s a slow-moving and tedious film and I find it endlessly boring. Thank you for reading.

There’s something about people breaking out into song and dance for every insogniffogant thing that really bugs me.


If you live in a country where they have TV, and have never seen this movie, then you’re probably either 2 years old, or you have some phobia of sound or something. Either way, you’re not missing much. Obviously, there are a lot of people who really enjoy this movie. But since decided to “recommend” it to me for no good reason, I have decided to say how much I hate this movie, and why.
I hate this movie a whole lot.
I hate this movie because it really isn’t all that good. I’ll accept the fact that it was revolutionary for its time. I’ll even acknowledge that it has a special place in many people’s hearts, because they remember watching it as a kid, when their lives weren’t so miserable. However, my life is NOT miserable, and I don’t have to watch bad movies from my childhood (rather, my parents’ childhood) to feel good about myself. If your life is joyless, then perhaps this movie is for you.

this film has been known to be a the best clasic movie of all time but in my oppinion its the complete opposit i think it was a horibal film my resons are its completly off the book and also a good part of the acting was bad but i would say garlands acting in this movie was the worst of her career so its hard to understand why people like this in reading some of the othere reviews on this movie i saw one by a peson called LMBbaurfan fan one of my freinds and if you wish to leave comments on my review please do so

I’ll just get straight to the point. This is one of the worst movies I have EVER seen. The acting is poor, the songs are stupid, the whole plot is completly stuffed up, and the filming is terrible. Take my advice. Dont waste your time renting this out. Read the book instead. Its alot better


  1. “By the way, I never once believed he was made of tin.”

    Wow…. the concept of willing suspension of disbelief is lost on you, isn’t it?

  2. I feel sorry for these people’s kids; they’ll probably prejudice the kids against the movie even before the kids see it (and thereby miss out on a childhood classic). Sad, sad, sad.

  3. Don’t any of these one-star reviewers own a calendar? Or at least a dictionary?

    I mean they clorized [sic] once color tv came out and there[sic] special effects are lame

    The movie is 70 years old!

    Are these the same reviewers that said The Beatles copied Oasis, and Sgt. Pepper is a rip off of Dark Side of the Moon?

    P.S. Flying monkeys rule!

  4. “good witch” – that’s an oxymoron I can’t reconcile with.

    Scuze me, your unlearned fundy religious ass is showing.

  5. Graphics 0/5
    The worst graphics in history. Even movies like Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer had cooler graphics. […]

    Sound 1/5
    The sound is okay. But difinitly not the best

    Overall 0/5

    This dude forgot to rate the Gameplay (2/5), Concept (c’mon, at least 4/5) and Difficulty (3/5).

  6. the first reviewer doesn’t know that this was based on the farm price crisises during the late 1 800’s and early 1900’s, almost everything had some symbolism (yellow bricks- gold, silver slipers[from book]-silver, and she was from kansas, a farming place, the itches representing the government). Idiot!

  7. I watched this movie every year as a kid. It’s an important part of my generation’s literary history. We can probably all quote or sing at least something from it.

    Contrasting those times with these: I remember being really afraid–of the witches and the flying monkeys, the witch’s castle, etc. Kids today probably wouldn’t be.

    It will always be a classic to me.

  8. Wow. So I was going to write something long detailing all the bad critical techniques these people were employing. Particularly the long one in the middle that seems to think the movie was “making fun of little people” simply by employing them. I was really going to get into it. But then I saw it…the single most glorious spelling error ever committed on the internet, “insogniffogant.” Look at it…insogniffogant. It’s almost beautiful. This person knew they didn’t know how to spell the word but by god, they knew they were going to write it. It’s almost like a Picasso painting. I think the internet was just justified.

  9. To correct a couple of misconceptions:
    1) The movie was not “colored” artificially. It was shot in color, a great feat in 1938
    2) “the first reviewer doesn’t know that this was based on the farm price crisises during the late 1 800’s and early 1900’s, almost everything had some symbolism (yellow bricks- gold, silver slipers[from book]-silver, and she was from kansas, a farming place, the itches representing the government). Idiot!”

    Be careful when you call someone an idiot. Whereas it is possible to make some connections, there is no indication that there was any symbolism written into the story. The whole “Wizard of Oz as a populist allegory” has long been out of favor by serious scholars.

    3) Regarding the graphics, the tornado scene is still regarded by meteorologists as extremely well done.

  10. wow, some people dislike the Wizard of Oz enough to write a review of it?

    I prefer my friend Michaels theory that it is an allegory of chemical dependency in the gay community… now, that is a funny sone.

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