• FlamingAtheist

    Disney, early adopters in the world of copy-pasta!

  • They should totally sue them!

  • lumpi

    This is pretty embarrassing for the king of animation.

  • Farx

    Rotoscoping was expensive, they had to return their investments. 😉

  • You expect this from He-Man, but Disney?

  • NEATO! That’s why it’s seared in my brain,

  • vegastar7

    Honestly, it doesn’t really bother me that they copied the animation from film to film. It takes several years to produce an animated film (and they’re fairly expensive), remember the artists need to draw twenty four frames for each second of animation. Not only that, but the animators may have to redraw certain frames over and over to get the timing right. So apparently, seeing all the recycled animation in Robin Hood, it was a very cheap film.

  • Pastavangelist

    This song is amazing.

  • Julia S.

    Having done rather simple animation, drawing those 24 frames per second, I COMPLETELY understand why they would have done that. Remember, by the time Robin Hood came out, the art part was kind of gone and the product part took over. It’s still doofy though. Wish I had that kind of time…