1. i have spent countless hours of my life trying to pick different types of locks (for shits and giggles, not as a criminal act) with paper clips straight and folded up into different shapes and i have never not once been succesful.

    i had a mini safe that i had lost the key to, and after a couple non-consecutive hours of trying to get it open with a paper clip i eventually broke down and used a hammer and a screw driver to wedge the fucker open.

  2. I accidently locked myself out of my room (which has a standard, inexpensive door lock), and it took me less than a minute to break back in- in the dark, using two paperclips, and with no guidance from the internet. Some locks are just amazingly easy to break.
    Sorry to hear about your sister and brother in law… I hope they didn’t lose any credit cards or identification!

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