Quote of the Day


“I curse you. I curse this place. I want to see this destroyed. I want her destroyed”, Father Commolly, a priest from Pennsylvania upset about a pirate statue.

But it wasn’t really a curse:

“Nor did I curse in the sense of putting a curse on them. In fact I did quite the opposite. I blessed them,” Father Commolly said.

And some video of the pirate temptress and the cursing priest.


  1. He’s doing his duty as a priest by focusing his magical powers on extremely important issues. Statues of sexy pirate ladies are a serious and ever-growing threat to our Christian Family Values. If we turn our backs for a moment, they’ll be everywhere. Running our government, forcing us to teach Gay Marriage to our children, pushing the one Christian God out of our public schools and our coinage and contaminating our precious bodily fluids.

  2. I’d hit it.

    Anyway, in all seriousness – if you can’t look at that and laugh, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

  3. How can he think that statue qualifies as porn? You see more skin out on a beach! I’d bet the priest’s head would explode if he saw a Playboy or Hustler.

  4. We must focus all our energies on getting a pirate statue removed from a store window! Never mind the thousands of children being diddled by priests every day -that’s okay cause its not out in the open.

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