You Can’t Please Everyone – Citizen Kane

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Citizen Kane:

What does rosebaud mean? Citizen Kane starts out with Charles Foster Kanb dieing at the bigining. Then is goes on with newsreels all about his life, like what he did. This movie is very confusing and hard to follow and understand.Charles Foster Kane does not know how to love, infact he gets married twice and does not love his wife he just wants somebody to love him. All he cares about is his newspaper buisness and nothing else. Kane dies a lonly and unmissed man. If i were to rate this movie it would be a 2! It is a very weird and confusing film!!!

I love what one of the reviews below said about people not having to pretend to be smart to like Citizen Kane. I’m not pretending to be smart. I may be dumb but I know a good movie when I see one. This is not one of those.

I felt that this movie deserved less than a star, but I couldn’t put any fewer than one. I felt this because the movie was quite long and very uninteresting. It had no color and was uterly depressing. The camera angles were ok, but the acting really wasn’t too good. All the acters were always interupting themselves or each other and it just didn’t flow very well in my mind.

We really don’t need to pretend to be smart by liking Citizen Kane.

It’s just like “the Blair Witch Project.” A lot of people will watch Citizen Kane because of the hype and find themselves disappointed. It’s sad but true.

Citizen Kane was a real disappointment. Totally unoriginal plot, bad lighting, cheesy sets. Boring too. And gosh, what is with that Rose Bud thing? That was freaky!!! Woah dude!!! Anyway this movie was whack & mad boring cause you don’t even see the dude porkin’ the girl, and she isn’t even really hot anyway. It was a bummer too that it was in black and white and all the guys looked the same cause they all wore suits. The music was all weird and whack, yo. I didn’t like it. It didn’t have a good beat or dance rhythm section. But it was mad sweet, the dude’s crib, but he just be pacing around like, whassup? He should have had a mad party and had mad homies and sum real ladies up in that piece. I thought to my self how could u be so rich & be so messed up, yo?

What is everyone’s morbid fascination with this movie? I found it to be very boring and worthless. The acting is not good and the story is dull. I understand that Welles broke new ground with technology during the filming. So What? If it was not done by him it would of been done by someone. I give this movie zero stars and just to warn people not to waste their money on this flop.

I saw this movie and just about puked in my lap because it was so terrible! Go see the Da Vinci Code instead. Tom Hanks is ten times the actor Orson “Fatty McFat” Welles ever was!


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