Melbourne Catholic Church to ‘test’ Potential Priests For Homosexuality

I wonder if the test will be true/false, essays, or something a bit more interactive:

THE Melbourne Catholic Church has embraced a Vatican recommendation to test potential priests for sexual orientation.

Under the guidelines, potential priests who “appear” to be gay must be banned.

The head of the Vatican committee that made the recommendations has made it clear celibate gays should also be banned because homosexuality is ‘‘a type of deviation’’.

Archdiocese of Melbourne spokesman James O’Farrell confirmed Carlton’s Corpus Christi Catholic seminary had started adhering to the guidelines, but refused to comment further.

You Can’t Please Everyone – Are You Experienced

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Are You Experienced:

Words cannot describe my intense dislike for Jimi’s guitar “skills”. This guy is a HACK. All songs sound exactly the same, the drummer is weak, does the bassist even exist? Listen to some REAL music that actually requires talent- like Nickelback!

Are you kidding me. Did Avril Lavigne ever use distortion in her songs? Or how about those wierd sound effect things? Mmhhm, that’s whqat I thought. Keeping that in mind, how could anyone in their right mind say that this Hendrix guy is good. You lozerz obviously now nothing about muzik. Some idiots are calling him the best guitar player ever….? HELLO??? That’s like saying MTV doesn’t play good muzik!!! If you want good guitar, try Avril Lavigne, or, the masters of Metal, Limp Bizkit.

I bought this disc based on all the reviews claiming it’s the greatest guitar album ever. I was very dissapointed, most of the solos suck. Plus, I was surprised that MTV didnt play any videos from this album, I wonder why? Probebly cause the MTV crowd know this music is tired and boring. If you want great guitar listen to Good Charlotte.

I first picked this album up because I heard Hendrix played some heavy, rockin music. But all this album is is a bunch of blues tunes that go nowhere. His solos are just a bunch of noise and his sound is dated, unlike good bands like Great White and Skid Row. Not recommended for fans of good heavy metal.

Jimi Hendrix has to be the most over rated guitarist ever! Not only does his songs make no sense, but he can’t solo to save his life! I’m sick and tired of these retro wannabes saying how fabulous he is!

For good guitaring check out Limp Bizkit, Nickelback, Disturbed, Korn, Kid Rock, Staind, Creed, and Metallica’s St Anger Album.

Oh, and Lenny Kravitz is GOD compared to this rip off!

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Daily Dose of Ingersoll

Every man should have the courage to give his honest thought.
This makes the finder and publisher of truth a public benefactor.

Those who prevent, or try to prevent, the expression of honest
thought, are the foes of civilization — the enemies of truth.
Nothing can exceed the egotism and impudence of the man who claims
the right to express his thought and denies the same right to

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Truth” (1897)