You Can’t Please Everyone – Casablanca

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Casablanca:

I rented this waiting to be blown away. I’m still waiting. I expected a lot more action. I’m pretty sure I will enjoy it a lot more when Warner Bros finally gets around to releasing the colorized version, the way this movie needs to be seen – the world is not black and white, why should our movies be?

I’m holding out for a 16:9 colorized version with Dolby Digital EX 9.1! I mean when I watch Casablanca and I here the gun shot at the end, I want to HERE GUN SHOT AT THE END!!! Also Ingrid Bergman is no Maryland Monroe.

I hate this movie. Its not even a movie, more of a waste of time. I’ve wasting too much time writing this review already. THIS IS NOT A CLASSIC! It doesn’t even qualify as bad or horrible! See CITIZEN KANE a million times (no really, a million) before you see this one. If I could just leave all the stars blank, then maybe I could begin to do it justice.

After readying countless 5 star reviews I’ve decided to finally watch this. It was a total disappoitment. There is absolutely no chemistry between the main characters, they just talk and talk and talk, you don’t get a feeling that they are really and hopelessly in love. At the end of the movie I felt relieved that it was finally over. There are so many old classic romances out there such as An Affair to Remember that are really believable and you see the connection between the characters, which is sadly missing here.

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I Get Email


You don’t know me, but you know my wife. Her name is Erin, she is one of your regular readers, and had the twitter account on Election Day when her and I went to the Obama rally. Anyway, last Saturday, she and I were walking across the street to see our friend’s band play, and we were both hit by a truck. I am fine, with a few bumps and bruises, but Erin didn’t fair so well. She has decided to start a blog of her recovery, and I thought this might be something you and your readers might be interested in reading. I’m quite sure she would love the support of your community. The link is: Please feel free to share this with the rest of your readers.

Thank you,

She has comments open on her recovery blog so please drop by and give her some support and encouragement.

Dubai bans nudity, dancing and holding hands

From The Age:

Playing loud music, dancing, nudity, kissing and even holding hands in public is considered inapproppriate behaviour under new guidelines laid down by the authorities of Dubai, reports say.

Arabic-language daily Al Emarat Al-Youm said the Dubai Executive Council had urged residents of Dubai, where foreigners make up more than 80 per cent of the population, to respect the customs of the Muslim majority country and avoid inappropriate behaviour.

The rules, which apply to all public places, include a ban on all forms of nudity, playing music loudly and dancing, exchange of kisses between men and women — and even on unmarried couples holding hands.

Any breach of the guidelines, by nationals or expatriates, carries a possible prison penalty, the paper said.

The guidelines also stipulate that anyone caught under the influence of alcohol — even small amounts — outside designated drinking areas is liable to being fined or imprisoned, the paper added.