1. The psychology of this is fascinating – but in a Freudian sense, not that hard to decipher.
    I’m a little concerned that she took a piece of the Golden Gate Bridge… has anyone checked to see if that was a structurally-significant piece?
    Also, I find it interesting that something as phallic as the Eiffel Tower would be female. It’s funny that Paris originally tried to rip it down as an aesthetic abomination and it was saved only because it was converted into a radio tower, but is now so appreciated that it’s not only a world-famous tourist spot but also someone’s spouse.

  2. I cant see how she could love that bridge. I know from a reliable source that the Golden Gate bridge routinely participates in assisted suicides.

    She should really find a nice, understanding foot bridge. Size isn’t everything, you know.

  3. It makes me really sad for these people. Your childhood needs to be filled with love. They never got love and it’s so sad. If having sex with objects helps them cope with life, then I’m happy for them.

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