You Can’t Please Everyone – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

A selection of one star reviews of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band from Amazon for your enjoyment.

This alBUM and the beatles in general are way too over-rated! How can you people say this album is perfect without it having ONE GOOD METAL GUITAR PART! you people need to learn what GOOD music is.
I suggest: Dragon Force, Megadeth, and Death Cab for Cutie.

Just wanted to let people know that this album has some satanic ties. Myself being a lover of rock music I realized some of the messages being conveyed were satanic. Notice on the album cover of this album, there is a picture of Aleister Crowley (top left second person)the biggest Devil Worshipper who started a satanic following. Listen to the lyrics they sound innocent but listen closely. The message given is “Start A Revolution” “Do What Thou Will”, Those are teachings of Crowley, also notice the statue on the cover (bottom right under the BEETLES) That statue is mentioned in many of crowleys teachings. Guess who Sgt Pepper is… Yup Crowley!! Notice the lyric “It was 20 years ago today…Sgt Pepper taught the band to play” Just wanted to give a warning to those who didn’t know! Why do you think this band got so big!!

This album is a rip off Pink Floyd’s DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. The beatles copied Pink Floyd and this is the reason why Pink Floyd are better. Simply a weak and disgusting effort. Best avoided.

I just don’t get why anybody likes this album! It makes everybody’s best of all time list and it is unlistenable. Does anybody that rates this or judges this actually listen to it or is it just considered great because of what it “supposedly” revolutionized. There’s only one song worth listening to more than once (We all know that’s A Day In The Life). C’mon, Lovely Rita, I’m Fixin’ A Hole, Lucy, Friends. This ain’t Rock and Roll and I don’t like it! Give me Pet Sounds any day! Give me The Village Green Preservation Society and I can listen to it for days on end. If I had to listen to Sgt. Pepper I’d probably have to be sedated. God Save The Kinks!

In this day and age, is there really any need for this sort of pompous twaddle. I mean, wasn’t that sort of pop music just a dead end?

Save your money, just buy a copy at a garage sale where they never lack for copies of the LP.

This isn’t rock and roll. It’s sinitra-esque orchestral pop. The most overrated, crappy piece of trash ever.

Rock? Art? If you want to call it that. Take it on its own terms. Don’t compare it to a symphony. It is what it is.

And what is this music? Whatever it is, it SOUNDS like something made by four musicians who given the studio time and an enormous budget came up with ambition. What’s it like to hear ambition? Listen to this. Want to hear MUSIC? Go elsewhere.

This is the album self-deluded Beetles fans love to point to as their work of genious. Lemon and McCarthy were alledgedly at the top of their form.

Oh, come now!

It’s a quaint period piece; a relic of the sixties. The music sounds dated. It’s nostalgia, but nostalgia ain’t art!

You’d do better to get “Pet Sounds”, written, arranged, and produced by a REAL genious: Brian Wilson. It sounds as fresh and sophisticated today as when it was first released.

Future generations will revere Brian Wilson’s music the way Beethoven’s is revered now. The Beetles will be a mere footnote in history if they get mentioned at all.

Save your money, and pick up “Pet Sounds” instead; you’ll be glad you did.

‘Sgt. Pepper’ ranks as one of the most overrated albums of all time. Not only is it a bad album, it is also a boring one. Some of the songs are OK, but the rest of the album makes me want to fall asleep. I think most people know that it is bad, but are afraid to admit it.

This is a worthless album. Why does everyone make such a big darn deal about it? This is nothing compared to what Zappa had achieved by that time. Sgt. Pepper wouldn’t even exist without Zappa; his album Freak Out inspired it and outshined it by about a million miles. Do yourself a favor, skip this peice of hippie pop-culture B.S. drivel.

If people had been making albums for the last 1000 years they could not have made a worse album than Sgt. Pepper. It’s that awful. But go ahead and defend it if you must. It does make for some catchy commercials.

I don’t see what is so great about this album it () big time a guy from my work told me to buy it he said it’s amazing.I wasted my money one this junk piece.I would recomend buying The Velvet Underground/Nico now thats an amazing Album and a Great Band.I read in a magazine that Lou Reed hated this Beatles Album.I agree with him 100%.People out there dont buy this LP its a waste of money.And probably the worst album from 1967

I am a big fan of progressive rock. What I don’t understand is how people can rip Yes, King Crimson, etc to pieces and how they can be barred from entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yet, this pile of pop-garbage is hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread. This album stands as a monument to the self-righteous, bloated image of the horrible baby-boomer demographic. How can people say this is visionary music, and in the same breath deride a true genius like Robert Fripp? Face it, the Beatles are nothing more nor less than the 1960’s N’Sync. And why are all Beatles cd priced so high? Because they know they can fool the conumer into buying this tripe. This disc makes a good coaster and nothing more. Don’t waste your money. Thank you for reading this.

I was born after the Beatles had long been disbanded.

They music, is well, I Don’t get it.

Maybe at the time it was good, but it is 2003, and they suck.

This album must really be the one most overrated album of all time by – surprise – the one most overrated band ever to walk the earth. This is from the period in The Beatles’ careers where they could get away with murder … in this case, murdering music. I never liked their vocals to start with. Even the huge amounts of reverb in this album can’t cover up the fact that the guys could not freaking sing. McCartney had always sounded like someone squeezed his private parts while he was doing a vocal effort, but on this album his singing sounds more strained than ever. Lennon’s voice was only matched by his songwriting: bland, obnoxious and highly LSD-induced. And what the heck was George thinking while fiddling on that sitar?? He couldn’t play the instrument a dime’s worth. Come to think of it, he didn’t have much going for him on guitar either.

The only Beatle I really rspected was Ringo Starr. At least he had some insight in his own lack of talent, which sometimes led to pretty amusing songwriting efforts. The Beatles are the one example of how much you can achieve on marketing hype alone. “Artists” like Madonna, Prince and George Michael are now following their example. Hooray.

If they wanted a little help from their friends, they should have called on the likes of Elton John. With CD’s like “Victim of Love” and “Leather Jackets” to his credit, he might have been able to rescue this sad excuse for music! For the benefit of us all, stay away from this and all recordings from The Beatles, the most overrated group in recording history! Hopefully Lucy will stay up in the sky where she’s safe from this album!

Let me get this straight: four pampered sissies from England recklessly spend exorbitant amounts of money on mind-altering drugs…then they rent a studio and proceed to pontificate endlessly on one of the most ridiculously overrated albums in music history. For the uninitiated, welcome to the wild and wacky world of the late 1960’s.

The Beatles always exemplified everything we despise about celebrities. They were a bunch of rich beautiful people who woke-up one day and suddenly believed that their “deep thoughts” were going to save the world. Well, the verdict is in, and this syrupy confection of teen-aged rubbish didn’t save anything. In fact, it signified nothing more than the beginning of the end of the biggest waste of psychic energy in modern pop culture history. The 1960’s have mercifully ended. Now let’s add this tourtuous waste of time to the dung heap of trivial cultural slime that needs to be forgotten forever. Where’s the “Brady Bunch” when you really need them? Thank you for your time. -DW.

I just bought this CD and I dont’ see what all the hype is about. My teacher always talks about the Beatles but they have no lyrical skills, my cousin Rodney is a better song writer than these clowns. I think they should remix these songs with 50 Cent or Snoop, then they’d really get some fans behind them.