You Can’t Please Everyone – To Kill a Mockingbird

I just finished rereading To Kill a Mockingbird and I was curious to see how many one star reviews there were for it on Amazon. (58 in case you’re wondering) And since it’s a slow blog day I thought it would be neat to have a new section added called You Can’t Please Everyone and every so often pick a classic book or movie and list some of the reviews of people who have absolutely hated it. All of these are from Amazon and all of them are one star reviews for To Kill a Mockingbird.

Looking for a sappy, cliched, novel to read? One predictable as most young-adult books and more degrading than harlequin romances? Well, To Kill a Mockingbird is your book. In this novel, all Harper Lee gives as a theme is “life isn’t fair.” I think most of us couold have figured that out without a book that should have started where the first “part” ended. Ms. Lee merely portrays a terrible, biased, southern society that seemingly places its main goal on ruining everyone elses life. Her female characters are flat, simple-minded women. Wether or not this is due to its setting is irrelevant. Lee places guilt on a group of people instead of individuals (the Ewells) as it should be. Thank God Ms. Lee only wrote this book; surely her next would degrade society even further. I’m sure it too would be deemed a classic as long as it dealt with politically correct subjects that are far too worn out to remain interesting.

This book is lacking creativity of chacters and of imagination of plot.Harper Lee has written a 281 page documentory of nothing. It uses unutterable words and displeasing language. I waw required to read this book and hope I will never have to read it again. It is a slow unresearched peice of literature that has been overated for years.

This book is the worst book in the world. I read half way through the book and gave up because it made no sence

Now I’m not one of those negative people that go around bashing everything just for the pleasure of making everyone else miserable, so please do not make that assumption. I was made to read this book for and English class and I absolutely hated it! I’m not rascist at all, so don’t make that assumption either. The whole time I was reading this I kept thinking how much this whole thing sounds like it was written by a 5th grader! Not just when the kids were speaking either. The writing style overall just seemed very juvenile to me. This “great American classic” just seemed to be replaying the old boring rascism vs. humanity theme that we’ve all seen time and time and time again. But this time it just has an even dumber ending! Everyone says how “deep” this novel is and how much thought it takes to really know and love the story. When actually, there are only a few tiny little moments when you have to know on your own what’s really going on and decide for yourself. The plot goes absolutely nowhere! Yes a few things change, but by the end of the story, basiclly the same thing is happening that was happening when the story first begins! This novel was BORING! Not because I don’t understand it, but because it has a lack of any real depth to it at all. It was about as inspirational and moving as “The Cat in the Hat”.

I never received this book. Today is July 20,2008. It was ordered back in June.

This book, written by Harper Lee, is some-what interesting. I don’t like it that much, becuase there is to much drama. The main reason I read it is because my teacher made our class read it for a grade and I really do not need a F on my report card. It’s full of rasism, and takes place a Long time ago in a small town in Alabama. I would recommend it to people who are addicted to drama.

Pretty darn boring, if it wasn’t required to read in English i would’ve burned it. This type of book isnt for everyone.

Well, at least it was in my own language. Otherwise, it sucked. It was the same old, same old plot. Maybe Lee originated it, but that doesn’t matter. Once you have read one book like this one, you have read them all. A classic american piece of caca

Although the author had some good points, I must say that this book sucked a big fat one star. I thought it was horribly thought out and it was considerably a snoozer. I seriously feel asleep readin this. I advise and suggest that nobody dare pick up this book. You may die of boredom.

This is not great literature, and I avoid teaching it at all costs. It’s not even good. The characters are black and white two-dimensional cardboard cutouts. The rednecks are evil, the blacks are victims, and the self-righteous Atticus is too good to be true. There is nothing here to examine or explore. Critical thinking skills need not be applied for understanding. Moreover, if the lack of complexity and verisimilitude doesn’t stick in your craw, then the insipid narration of the androgynous Scout will. This novel is popular due, in part, to the fact that the reader can feel morally superior to white trailor trash as he identifies with the demigod, Atticus. Shakespeare, the consummate craftsmen of characterization, understood that even the evil (save Iago) have some redeeming qualities, and the good flaws. To Kill a Mockingbird is about as deep as a rain puddle.

It was the worst book I have ever read. Please do not buy this book!!

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is one of the most overrated and hyped books of our time. It’s an uneven paste-job of short stories and pieces by Harper Lee promoted by her liberal New York publishing friends.

Some sections are absurd, such as Ch. 26, where third-grade students in a rural Alabama school in 1935 have a discussion about Adolph Hitler’s treatment of Jews in Germany.

Without the compelling 1962 film version, this novel might have been forgotten by now.

seriouly bad. there is no main plot, its just short stories all stuck toghether, the characters are unbelivible, the writing is boring. i had to read it in english, and found it so boring. the main story about the trial, finishes half way through the book so after that its just little boring stories about scout and jem. not a good book, nothing happens interesting.

to me to kill a mockingbird was kinda wreid, because at the beging of the book they wanted to get Boo radley to come out of his house. they thought he was a scary old man that was a mad man who stabed his dad in the leg. then they did all these thing to get him out of the house. i didnt like the book though because all the bad things that they do. and how the town people are crule to one another back then.

I can see why some people enjoy To Kill a Mockingbird. It is very vocal about certain issues in life. I was completely bored reading this book. Although I liked Scout and Jem, I was not excited to read about a young girl’s life in a small town. It seemed like a small plot and was not planned well. A court case is hardly a thrilling idea.

I’m sorry everyone. I don’t see why this book is so fabeulos. I would give it a zero. I find no point in writing a book about segregation, there’s no way of making it into an enjoyable book. And yes i am toataly against segragation. I’ve caught my self in english class asleep. Also if your gonna write a book, give more detail please. I’m getting so fed up with it i just got the cliff notes. Read this book if you read every book that is such a hit. But rather than that burn all the pages exept the last chapter. Thanks to all my friendswho had to tourchure threw reading this disgrace and supporting me in not likeing the book. By the way, DO NOT BUY, because if i find it in your house i won’t think to kindly of you.

This book is very nasty. It depicts scenes I would not care to see if I was being PAID. It’s just a sick book. Dont read it, kids