Daily Dose of Ingersoll

Through millions of ages, by countless efforts to satisfy his
wants, to gratify his passions, his appetites, man slowly developed
his brain, changed two of his feet into hands and forced into the
darkness of his brain a few gleams and glimmerings of reason. He
was hindered by ignorance, by fear, by mistakes, and he advanced
only as he found the truth — the absolute facts. Through countless
years he has groped and crawled and struggled and climbed and
stumbled toward the light. He has been hindered and delayed and
deceived by augurs and prophets — by popes and priests. He has
been betrayed by saints, misled by apostles and Christs, frightened
by devils and ghosts — enslaved by chiefs and kings — robbed by
altars and thrones. In the name of education his mind has been
filled with mistakes, with miracles, and lies, with the impossible,
the absurd and infamous. In the name of religion he has been taught
humility and arrogance, love and hatred, forgiveness and revenge.

But the world is changing. We are tired of barbarian bibles
and savage creeds.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Truth” (1897)