What Would You Do If Someone Broke Into Your Place In the Middle of the Night?

If you said, “I would not call the police but instead tweet about it and aim a webcam at the dude” then you are this guy:

A strange man broke into Revision3 COO David Prager’s home last night.

Did David call the police? No, he updated Twitter and turned on a live video stream at Ustream.

This is someone who needs to get out of Silicon Valley.

Just so we’re clear, we do not recommend you try this at home. Call the police when you find someone you don’t know in your apartment.

From his Twitter page:

Sounds like a hoax to me. There are clips on YouTube of the incident which doesn’t dispel my disbelief either.

(via Buzzfeed)

Daily Dose of Ingersoll

The church hates a thinker precisely for the same reason a robber dislikes a sheriff, or a thief despises the prosecuting witness. Tyranny likes courtiers, flatterers, followers, fawners, and superstition wants believers, disciples, zealots, hypocrites, and subscribers. The church demands worship — the very thing that man should give to no being, human or divine. To worship another is to degrade yourself. Worship is awe and dread and vague fear and blind hope. It is the spirit of worship that elevates the one and degrades the many; that builds palaces for robbers, erects monuments to crime, and forges manacles even for its own hands. The spirit of worship is the spirit of tyranny. The worshiper always regrets that he is not the worshiped. We should all remember that the intellect has no knees, and that whatever the attitude of the body may be, the brave soul is always found erect. Whoever worships, abdicates. Whoever believes at the command of power, tramples his own individuality beneath his feet, and voluntarily robs himself of all that renders man superior to the brute.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Individuality” (1873)