• Amanda

    Ah there’s my future I hope. I want to be a crotchety old lady, smacking people with my handbag.

    I used to smack people in the legs with my school jacket when I was a wee ‘un. Metal zips ftw!

  • Laura

    I love how intermittently-peaceful blue granny looks. She keeps holding up her hand in a “stop it, you’re so mean!” kind of gesture, sitting back peacefully, then suddenly leaping forward to attack.
    I also love that they’re sitting like 2 feet away from each other. Good reaching length I guess, without exposing oneself to any umbrellas or hats the enemy might have at her disposal.

  • outeast

    At one point I thought The Woman In The Red Dress was reaching into her handbag for her Beretta, but the babe in blue definitely had the moves there.

  • Dan

    Anyone got a translation? I bet they’re arguing over a guy they were both hitting on at the club last night…….. the pole dancing club, where they are dancers.