• “We move from Jesus in a sink to Jesus on a stick”!!!! ha ha ha ha
    I’m going to be quoting that one all day long.

  • Meg

    Holy Jesus Waffle, Batman!

  • Justin

    Mike! Yes!!!! “Jesus on a stick.” It’s like “Pope on a rope,” but better!

    Also, “They’re calling it Cheesus.” Just beautiful.

    And why is there never any “I found Jesus in this skid mark,” or “The child molester was reported to have looked like Christ.”??

  • Bryce


  • Myackie

    one of those looked more like mohammed

  • TeaFizz

    Looks like Jesus is the new Elvis

  • TDavis

    Waffles, Grilled Cheese, Ice Cream, Snack Food, Good Lord. I’m HUNGRY!

  • Furnace

    The Jesus in the spoon looks like Che Guevara or maybe Cornelius from Planet Of The Apes.

  • outeast

    Justin, you mean you haven’t seen the Jesus in a dog’s ass? I’m sure Chris covered it – check the ‘Where’s Jesus?’ link in the sidebar.

    Oh, and Myackie? Images of Mohammed PBUH are verboten: they just don’t appear. Muslims see His name written in Arabic instead (I’ve seen it on a fish, on an aubergine/eggplant, etc.).

  • outeast

    “Ok, I can see some John Lennon in there…” I do like how the presenters are often straining not to just piss themselves laughing. “I don’t know – I don’t make this stuff up.” 🙂

  • Tulgar

    my head just exploded. Just when I thought I couldn’t get more cynical.

  • Verdugo13

    I found a dragon’s head in the paneling on my wall. Does that mean that dragons are real?

  • DJ

    5.01 looked like Darth Vader

    5.07 looked like a Samurai.

  • “is this the second coming of christ, is she pregnant with christ?”