1. Mike! Yes!!!! “Jesus on a stick.” It’s like “Pope on a rope,” but better!

    Also, “They’re calling it Cheesus.” Just beautiful.

    And why is there never any “I found Jesus in this skid mark,” or “The child molester was reported to have looked like Christ.”??

  2. Justin, you mean you haven’t seen the Jesus in a dog’s ass? I’m sure Chris covered it – check the ‘Where’s Jesus?’ link in the sidebar.

    Oh, and Myackie? Images of Mohammed PBUH are verboten: they just don’t appear. Muslims see His name written in Arabic instead (I’ve seen it on a fish, on an aubergine/eggplant, etc.).

  3. “Ok, I can see some John Lennon in there…” I do like how the presenters are often straining not to just piss themselves laughing. “I don’t know – I don’t make this stuff up.” 🙂

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