Joe the Middle-School History Teacher

Our good friend Joe the Plumber is still around and plunging:

What he really wants to do, though, is teach. Middle-school history, in particular. “I love history, all kinds of history, world history,” he says. Somehow, he wanders to the subject of slavery. “Don’t get me wrong, slavery was a terrible, horrible thing. But you can’t whine and cry about it these days. I mean, Jews were slaves, but they’re not asking for compensation from Egypt. People want to play the victim. …” He trails off. “I should stop.”

(via Clusterflock)


  1. No,no, Joe. Please continue. Perhaps if he keeps yammering on about his oh-so insightful views on the history of slavery, the Republicans will WANT him to go away.
    But I’m sure that’s asking for too much.

  2. @Jocelyn– no, we should want him to have the spotlight, so everyone continues to associate the Republicans with this kind of thinking (or non-thinking, as it were).

  3. No,no, Joe. Please continue.

    Jocelyn’s first sentence was exactly what I had planned to write (even with two “nos” – creepy!), and with a similar follow-up.

    Is the GOP so stupid that they think this guy is an asset? How much are they paying him?

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