1. Be sure to watch the DVD of “Valkyrie” when it comes out, just to see Eddie Izzard as a Nazi communications officer in Hitler’s command center, conspiring with Tom Cruise to assassinate the Fuhrer. And you know, he wears that Wehrmacht uniform with just as much poise and confidence as the frock in this clip!

  2. “Cake or death?” Thats a pretty easy question. Any pone could answer that.
    “Cake or death?”
    “Eh, Cake please.”
    “Very well, Give him cake.”
    “Oh!Thanks very much. It’s very nice.”
    “You!Cake or death?”
    “Uh, Cake for me too please.”
    “Very well, Give him cake too.We’re going to run out of cake at this rate.You! Cake or death?”
    “uh,Death please.No!cake!cake! sorry sorry…”
    “You said death first. Uh-uh Death first!”
    “Well, I meant cake!”
    “oh Alright. YOu’re lucky I’m chuch of england”

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