Question of the Day

What are you reading?

I read about a dozen books in January. The number of books I’ve read in February is 0. Zero. I’ve been stuck on The Archer’s Tale since my trip out to Vegas and although it’s not a bad book and in fact I actually liked what I had read, I just haven’t been inspired to pick it up and finish it. And I don’t even have any books on deck that I’m motivated to pick up and read. (Actually, I do have Necroscope in my bag which I hear is pretty good but I just haven’t been able to talk myself to read yet). I’m blaming PVS (Post-Vegas Stress) although it could also be my MWM (Mid-Winter Malaise) although I wouldn’t rule out TWS (The Wire Syndrome) which has been keeping me up for the past few nights (I finished Season One. And I agree with what others have said, Omar Little is one of the best characters ever on TV. Lester Freamon was an early starter but gets played out fast in Season 1)