The Wire Season 1 Opening and Intro

The Wire finally made its way to the top of my Netflix queue. I’m about halfway through with season one. Dvds have spoiled me. I don’t think I could possibly ever sit through another network show while it is still on the air when I can just wait for the dvds to come out and watch the entire series in a matter of a few days.

(BTW, Favorite character by far at the moment is Lester Freamon)


  1. Weird…I’m doing the same thing, except I bought the series on DVD. Just finished the first season and wrote a short blog post on it this morning. Was going to include that my favorite character was Lester…dude…

  2. It really does keep getting better. THe final season was something of a letdown, but still very, very good.

    The fourth is, IMO, the best. Given my background in education, so much of it rings true.

  3. Probably my favorite TV show of all time. For me it was the second season that really convinced me I was watching a classic. The show is consistently great. Solid and full of complex characters with so many layers, it’s hard to pick a favorite season.

  4. Every intelligent woman I know, who has watched The Wire, is still wearing black for one of the characters. (no spoilers!). My favourite though is Omar. The show as a whole can enrich the brain as amuch as a Phd does.

  5. We did the same — watched on DVD. I was prompted to action by all the interviews of the originators of the series after it closed. Some seriously good writing, IMHO one of the top 3 TV series of all time.

    And also, for my family, it’s all about the Omar. He’s the shiznat.

  6. Oh, and one more thing: I was watching and episode of COPS a few months back, where a guy got busted for carrying drugs with the intent to sell. He started crying while sitting there on the curb, and one of the cops says to him in disgust, “Why are you crying, man? It’s all part of the game!”

    I just started howling with laughter, because it just SCREAMED “The Wire.” It’s all a part of the game. Damn straight.

  7. Just bought the season 5 box set. I’m looking forward to watching it this week. Best show ever.

    And Omar Little is the best TV character ever.

  8. Great, now I have to spend another 60 hours catching up with a TV show that is supposedly the best ever!

    Didn’t they already say this about The Sopranos?

  9. I just finished re-watching the whole thing. Characters and scenes keep recurring to me.
    Not only the best writing on TV, but it has real heart. Burns and Simon are trying to address real issues with clarity of vision and a refreshing lack of hypocrisy.
    /You are going to need subtitles when you are introduced to Snoop Pearson.

  10. re: “Best Show Ever….” Certainly the Sopranos was up there, but for me, it seemed to get a little cocky near the end of its run. Like maybe it lasted a few seasons too long. Still an excellent show, though. Unfortunately other shows now have to live in the same world as The Wire, and its hard for me to see things without comparing. The Shield is another favorite.

  11. Love this show…but being a relatively new resident of Baltimore city, I was probably better off being ignorant to a lot of things going on. While I realize it’s a fictional story, there are many aspects of this show that are real here.

  12. good times.
    i’ve only made my way through the end of season 3 and it just kept getting weirder and more interesting.

    one of these days ill get around to seasons 4&5.

  13. If you like “The Wire” you should absolutely check out “Homicide: Life on the Street”.

    I see a lot of similarities between the two. “Homicide” is my all time favorite TV show; though, it had all the restrictions that come with airing on network television, unfortunately. I think David Simon and Clark Johnson got to flex their muscles with “The Wire” a bit more than NBC allowed for “Homicide”.

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