CTA Bus Incident with Chicago Police 02 13 09, 10:14pm

This video shows Chicago police officer #10677 apprehending a citizen and violating his rights. The citizen was displaying signs of intoxication and was accused of not paying his fare, but the officer neglected to follow CPD protocol during the encounter, which led to a violent altercation. The code requires officers to wait for back-up before engaging in a physical struggle with a citizen during non-emergency situations.

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  1. This is sad and a disgrace, but the guy will probably get a medal for valor from the PD.
    Please send this video to local media outlets.

  2. From my perspective I think he did one hell of a job! Quick, efficient, and didn’t take any guff from that jerk of a non paying bus passenger!

  3. I’ll side with Trance. I don’t think the cop needed to beat on the guy so much, but he got the job done. On the other hand, the cop should be counseled for not following protocol and waiting for backup – there’s no telling what weapons the drunk could have had concealed, and it could have turned ugly quick.

  4. I really don’t have too many problems with what the cop did. The guy wasn’t listening, the cop waited, he lost patience with the drunk halfwit.

    As for the language…no, it wasn’t necessary, but it’s not like he beat the dude’s head in.

  5. Anger management training needed. The wrong way to approach any person is to get angry and confrontational immediately, without even bothering to assess the situation re. the person’s state of mind/intoxication level/sanity or lack thereof. This cop was looking to get violent. That’s the worst kind of cop there is, and they are legion. I doubt he will be disciplined, but he should be, no question.

  6. And we are supposed to trust these people??? They have major power complexes… they think the world needs to bow down to them, “the law”. I think they can be major a**hoes that need to reserve the beating for truly violent situations.

  7. I’m not trying to troll. The way I see it, the bus driver knows who is on the bus legally (who paid) or not, and if he says the man didn’t pay his fare, then the man didn’t pay his fare. End of story, get off the frigging’ bus..

    True the cop was gruff, but which personality would you feel better and safer about:

    a) ummm excuse me kind sir, but there seems to be a dispute with the driver over your fare, and gosh, I hope I’m not offending you, but could you please leave the bus? I’m really sorry to upset your evening, my sincere apologies. um..uh..


    b) Get the fu*k off the bus NOW!!!!! Di*k Head!!!!

    personally I would feel more confident with officer b in this scenario.. Just my two cents..

  8. If a cop tells you to do something, you should do it first and ask questions later. If you choose not to do what a cop says, bad things usually do happen. Has there ever been a situation when you argue with a cop and it turns out in your favor?

  9. I have no issues with the cop’s language. However the quick punch to the head was an unprovoked assault. The cop should be disciplined for that. Just wait for backup and carry the drunk off the bus. The cops are not allowed to administer “justice” in this manner.

  10. Well I guess he could have handled that differently. But knowing what kind of bullshit cops have to deal with every day from the masses, I can’t blame them sometimes. When you deal with bums and crackheads and rapists and theives and drug dealers and carjackers and shit day in day out for your entire career, you’re gonna get to the point where you don’t treat ever single drunk asshole with the utmost care and concern.

  11. Question: If this was a white man being assaulted, would you have been more outraged?

    Seriously, that people think this is acceptable behavior really pisses me off. Very nice to sit in ivory towers, but if it happens to you, you’ll want justice.

  12. @Amanda

    Actually, I wouldn’t be on the bus drunk without paying in the first place, so your theory is invalid.

    See the thing is Amanda, is that I beleive in personal freedoms and liberties, but that simply doesn’t change the fact that there are a group of people out there that reason and logic don’t work for. A quick check to the head does wonders because violence is all these people respond too. Sad but true…

  13. I didn’t see much wrong with what the cop did in this situation. “Protocol” is generally in place to protect the officers, so the fact that he didn’t follow that particular protocol doesn’t bother me in the least. Also, as soon as the guy reached in his pocket, the officer had all he needed to take the guy down. Just my 2 cents.

  14. Good little trolls, you keep sharpening your sticks.

    But go right ahead. Let all those little indefensibles slip right by, let them pile up until humanity is a steaming cesspit of ‘not giving a toss’.

  15. Hm. Any half-decent cop could’ve had that guy off the bus peaceably in 30 seconds flat. That was just incompetent. (And yes, the punches were unnecessary: punching is not a good control technique at the best of times.)

  16. “I’m not trying to troll. The way I see it, the bus driver knows who is on the bus legally (who paid) or not, and if he says the man didn’t pay his fare, then the man didn’t pay his fare. End of story, get off the frigging’ bus..”

    Yeah, a fair point, but it doesn’t warrant slamming a drunk man’s head against the glass before punching him in the face. That’s not “gruff”, that’s unprofessional and almost psychopathic.

  17. Police have too much power today. G-Man suggests we just submit without thinking about our constitutional rights and current laws. If a police officer asks you to get out of a vehicle and searches you, you must obey because of his right to search you. This is based on whether he thinks you possess a weapon or other item. This type of power is unprecedented and should be illegal.

  18. My wife and I decided to take the afternoon off of work today (Friday, 3-20-2009). We live 70 miles south of Chicago and wanted to drive up to the old neighborhood on the north side to visit some old friends that we have not seen since we moved 14 years ago.
    We were on Pulaski North bound just north of Montrose (17th District) at about 12:20 PM. We noted a Chicago Police car on the side, emergency lights on, with a compact white car pulled over.
    What we saw next was unbelievable, a bloated, purple faced Chicago police officer sitting in his car screaming and swearing at his prisoner in the back seat.
    We approached with caution when all at once he pulled out in front of us almost causing an accident. This slob slammed on his breaks and then proceeded to get out of his squad, called me an a**hole, and said “can’t you see I want this guy to follow me?”.
    I did not reply, I did not know what to say.
    As I stated, this guy was bloated, purple in the face, and sweating profusely. He appeared to my wife and I to still be drunk from the night before.
    This guy looked like he had been sleeping in his uniform for a few days. Does the Chicago Police Department conduct officer inspections at the beginning of each shift anymore? Or more importantly, does the department require that officers be healthy and in good physical and mental shape? After seeing this slob’s behavior, evidently not!
    Is this what the Chicago Police Department has turned into? If so, I am happy to live far from the city of Chicago.
    I had half a mind to file a complaint but as my wife pointed out this slob will probably be dead of a heart attack or acute alcoholism in six months.
    Oh well, just wanted to vent. Being 50 years of age and respectful of the law, this is not what I expected from the Chicago Police Department.
    Glad we no longer reside in the Great city of Chicago. I am sure Mike Mealer the district commander is proud.

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