Monkey Business

I was in and out of meetings today (By meetings I mean I was playing Battlefield 42. The only game I have left for my PC that I still play.) so I missed most of the brouhaha over the NY Post’s cartoon today depicting that monkey they had to shoot in Connecticut and connecting it to the stimulus bill therefore taking two completely unrelated topics and distilling it into one WTF cartoon. The complaints were immediate decrying the cartoon as a racist caricature of Obama and the NY Post responded by shaking it off before going back to polish their lawn jockeys or whatever it is that a Rupert Murdock owned entity does.

I’ve seen several blog reactions to this and more than a few have asked why it’s racist to refer to Obama as a monkey yet perfectly fine that people compared Bush to a chimp. It’s a legitimate question but the answer is pretty damn simple. If the person you are calling a monkey belongs to a race that has been compared to simians for the past 500 or so years to paint them as sub-humans to buy, sell, or push to the back of the bus without the slightest bit of guilt, then you just may be passing through a little town called Wrongville. (Or you’ve reached your destination of Klanstowne) And it doesn’t even matter if Obama starts flinging feces at his aides while hanging around with a man in a big yellow hat. Once you start playing along with old hurtful stereotypes, you’re on the wrong end of the argument.