1. I had no idea they bought it out – what a shame as the original site was funny and interesting. Now it’s just a pile of corporate crappenfest. What a waste, I bet a user created one will show back up, one that isn’t a lame ass attempt at blogging.

  2. @FA

    Wasn’t the whole point of the original site was for tv viewers to geek out and complain about tv shows? I can’t even find the archives for old shows now. It’s horrible.

  3. oh man i loved that site. ‘specially the little house on the prairie page. my fave jumped the shark: “when Michael Landon’s ego destroyed Walnut Grove” and “Alice Garvey using baby as battering ram”

  4. Indeed Chris, the user comments are what made the site, they took the human part of it away. I didn’t even try digging at TV Guide’s site due to it’s glacial load speed on my computer.

  5. I always thought Jump the Shark was a terrific name and a lousy website. That much, it looks like, hasn’t changed.

    Okay, maybe lousy is too strong a word — for the old version, anyway. Still, I thought they provided a great name for the phenomenon but then just a disorganized forum for people to bitch about when that phenomenon did or did not happen to a particular show.

  6. I thought the user comments should have been filtered. It got to where every show had the comment “this show jumped the shark during the opening credits of its first episode.” After skimming past a few hundred more just-as-unoriginal comments I never went back.

    But this TV Guide version? What’s the point, even?

  7. Erin Wins!

    Ummm…. .does TV Guide even know what Jump The Shark means? It looks like the site went from a kind of user-reviews of TV to a really long-format TV guide. I don’t see anything there other than reviews of shows that are coming out this/next season.

  8. The original JUMP THE SHARK website was one of the Internet’s first (and best)websites way back in 1996-7. I loved going to it and leaving online posts talking about when my favorite tv shows (and hundreds of shows were available to comment on) did themselves in. I loved the Little House on the Prairie page. I cannot believe that TV Guide, whose signature paper-back sized television guide has in and of itself become a money-losing shell of it’s own former pre-Internet, pre-Digital glory days, could sweep in and literally destroy this formerly awesome JUMP THE SHARK website. It is butt-awful now!! Face it,TV Guide,you should have been put out of business when the Internet was born. Based on the the continuing pathetically low sales of your present-day Star-like Gossip Glossy Magazine…you ruined that too!Please TV Slide, oh, I’m sorry, “Guide”: Do us JUMP THE SHARK website fans a solid and SELL the site back to someone who’ll return it to it’s former glory.F-OFF TV Guide!!

  9. Just another instance of Web 2.0 ruining the creativity and user-based content of Web 1.0. Unfortunately, if this is what it takes to make the Web profitable, we are stuck with it.

  10. @BA I think you’re misunderstanding what the term web 2.0 refers to? Web 2.0 at its basics is user generated content and sharing. The original jumptheshark.com was web 2.0 before that stupid term was coined.

  11. One more “new and improved” disaster. The old site wasn’t perfect but it was fun; liked being able to get to a show quickly via alpha listing without a bunch of advertising. Think this latest visit will be my last; just isn’t worth checking out now. “If it ain’t broke…”

  12. Ah, c’mon, kids,the old JTS site was hilarious. Yes, sometimes people went on and on. But many a time you found a trenchant observation on a show or even a laugh out loud critique of a program gone so horribly wrong. One of the simple littler pleasures of it was finding out how many people remembered a defunct show with similar fondness. RIP, JTS.

  13. I say it’s time to start playing the Funeral March—the Internet as we once knew it is dead. Gone are the days when people were able to be creative on the internet and share ideas and information without the meddling of corporate suits. No, now we live in a time where the Internet is just another marketing tool. The Web was once a vast fusion of a playground, a library, and a social gathering place. Now, it’s an office building. And in this office, the halls are so narrow that the echoes that your opinions make are heard by no one. (“Taps” starts playing.)

  14. Jump the Shark.com itself jumped the shark when it sold out to Murdoch’s TV Guide. TVG gutted it and tries to pretend it’s still relevant, or viable. But then, TV Guide jumped the shark when it changed formats and stopped carrying local TV information. It too pretends to be relevant and fails big time.

    Sad. Sad. Sad.

  15. Jump the Shark WAS on my in my “favorites”
    Now it is in the “recycle Bin”
    Does anyone remember the “New Coke” debacle of 1985?
    This reminds me of that.
    Yes, JTS HAS “Jumped the Shark” and missed. Chomp Chomp

  16. I am so mad. I loved the jump the shark website and stupid TV guide is nothing but the latest celebrity gossip. I dont care that Oprah was constipated. Life goes on…God I am livid

  17. What a fuggin’ letdown! I wanted to read about “A Different World” and when people thought it jumped the shark, and instead I found the TV Guide promo page.

    So if the original JTS database is gone, and TVG is not running a similar page, I guess I could try setting up something new that would replace the JTS database, true?

  18. Thanks for allowing me to express my comment. YES, TV GUIDE WRECKED THE OLD JUMP THE SHARK (JTS)WEBSITE. JTS was once one of my favorite sites, comprised of a wealth of user postings on ALL shows. The TV Guide crap is nothing but “oh, we’ll do your thinking for you…you can leave a comment if you wish, but we really don’t care becasue it’s all about us.” At least the JTS creater made a good sale. We all lost a great web site.

  19. Jon Hein sold out this site..Too bad he took the money over the site. it was a scream because the readers got to comment. Jon Hein is a sellout

  20. I was frantically searching for another jump the shark website, but apparently TVG bought all the web links domain names. Was being entertained without a corporate hand fleecing the creator really that horrible?

  21. I just went on JTS because i wanted to look up my favorite show “Monk.” Imagine my disappointment when I see “TV Guide.” I tried typing in “Monk” thinking maybe we just have to type the show title in instead of clicking from a list, but noooo, just get a whole bunch of gossip stuff >:(

    But if I may just say one thing I would have loved to put on JTS before it went all corporate: what the heck is going on with The Weather Channel and their stupid shows? The whole point of TWC is to get information about the weather, not “Storm Stories” or “It Could Happen Tomorrow.” I cannot tell you how many times there have been severe weather in the area, I go to TWC only to find they have some stupid show on. Okay, rant over….

  22. I’m bummed. The old website was easy to use, had a lot of info, and great commentary from users. It’s all gone, what a waste. TV Guide paid money for the website to completely kill it? They didn’t use even 10% of the site’s material. Stupid…plus, they’ll never get me back to their lame website. Never went to tvguide.com before and never will again.

  23. I hadn’t visited the site in years, but after a marathon session of all three (brilliant) seasons of Deadwood I was curious to see what JTS’s contributors thought about that series. (My own view: Never came close to jumping.) Imagine my dismay to find my query redirected to some LAME, WITLESS, HUMOR-FREE TV Guide site. (Sigh.) The persons responsible for this outrage need to be literally dropped into a shark tank….

  24. Yeah, I go to “Bone the Fish” now. Jump the Shark is just another corporate advertisement now. It reminds me of when atomfilms.com took all the serious short films off the site and replaced with JUST comedy. I was heartbroken.

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