• Jerkstore

    That’s actually pretty good. They should edit out the negative parts and use it.

  • gruggach

    We don’t have those stores up here. It’s a shame because it looks like a great place to mock. I’m about as far from a Trader Joe’s guy as you could find…

  • @Gruggach

    You’re not missing anything. They’re horribly overrated with a cult-like following.

    I don’t get the appeal of the place.

  • LL


    I’ve got the opposite opinion on this issue. I love the food. They have a great selection of prepared vegetarian foods. The snack foods are unique and very good for the most part. They have a much better cheese selection than our local big supermarkets. The forced casual dress of the employees is sort of odd.

  • Cornjob

    He’s right about the Yoga Moms, though. Va va va voom.

  • Suilven

    I think that they are OK, although the plastic-wrapped fruit is a little weird. I much prefer New Seasons but you won’t find one of those far from Portland.

  • dang

    Brilliant song! I used to shop at TJ’s all the time when I lived close to one and I grew to really love the place, quirks and all.

    Say, it does raise an important question. Does anyone know the difference between “cage free” and “free range” chickens? Do they keep the cage free chickens on leashes?

  • kelly

    i believe free range means they can wander inside/outside at will… cage free is they aren’t in solitary confinement the size of a shoe box, but could be confined in a big commercial barn (think turkey farm a la Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel)

  • wrenchy


    Couldn’t agree with you more about TJ’s being overrated. My mother has been the manager of a TJ’s here in California for nearly a decade and if it were not the 20% discount I get using her card (not allowed but she’s my mom) I wouldn’t step foot inside. I hate the small aisles, the small parking lot and the snobby people that shop there. Don’t tell my mom I said that though, she’d hit me with freshly baked French roll!!

  • Barbwire

    The quality is high, and the prices are low. What’s not to like?

  • FlamingAtheist

    Suilven – roger that on New Seasons, but TJ’s has a lot of tasty little things I’m addicted to, like the chocolate filled bites ‘cereal’. Maybe it’s because we got a new one that is very spacious and roomy compared to the other one near me shoe-horned into a small store.

  • FlamingAtheist

    Also, Trader Joe’s stuff is different by region – so what you have in New England may not be what’s on the shelves in Oregon, and if it is it may be from a different manufacturer.

  • Laura

    I love at 1:35 when he gets an AMAZING shot of someone in the background being stopped by the cart mechanism.
    I too love Trader Joe’s. If you’re trying to eat healthier but really aren’t interested in carrot sticks they have a lot of cool stuff like dried fruit and other assorted things to help you out, most of which I’ve never been able to find anywhere else. In my opinion the quality was surprisingly high, too.

    Oh, and that Aloe Chunk Juice is awesome. I’m obsessed with it.

  • elevatoro

    I’m so envious! I hate shopping at the local Whole Foods because it’s full of yoga moms and their screaming kids (and forget about their parking lot — dismal).

    If only Colorado would repeal these outdated blue laws that don’t allow grocery stores to sell alcohol. >:(

  • lumo

    There are a lot of things they don’t have anymore.

  • dang

    @kelly – Thanks for the clarification on free range vs. cage free. I like my eggs pampered 🙂

  • niel

    regarding cage-free vs. free range –


    I feel the same about TJ’s as you, Chris – and it’s the same way I feel about “Whole Foods” (The Walmart of ‘health food’ stores)… I wonder how long it will take for consumers to realize that “organic” is one of the biggest scams going. Perhaps I’m too cynical… 😉

  • I should add that the TJ that I go to is one of the small ones so perhaps I’m just missing out on the experience.

    Actually, they don’t even sell alcohol at the one near me so I didn’t even know about the two buck chuck (although I rarely drink so I don’t know if that would make the difference)

  • deepsea33

    Dark Chocolate Covered Jo-Jo’s are my fave they dont seem to have anymore.
    Fresh & Easy is the latest alternative market out West. Better selection than TJ’s.
    Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market

  • Wendall

    I live about a quarter mile from a large TJ. I go at least once a week. Low prices. High quality. Healthy choices. Variety. Lastest treat I have discovered: Triple ginger ginger snaps…

    (I avoid Whole Foods(aka Whole Paycheck) except for special occasion trips to their bakery.)

    Loved this video! (We don’t have that crazy security system.)

  • adam

    I absolutely love the song/commercial. I’ve never in my life been to TJ’s, but after seeing this, I want to go.

  • Laura

    Curse you, cynical-c. I was walking in the grocery store today and this song came into my head (unbidden) and refused to leave. I feel that I’ve been cursed and i would like to request a free exorcism. Thank you.

  • drea

    Hey, I’ve been to that Trader Joe’s. It’s in SF. Really, REALLY bad parking.