The Octuplet Mom Speaks

And since I have nothing really add to this, I’ll just quote C3PO when he said, “Sir, it’s quite possible this asteroid is not entirely stable.”

To those who question Suleman’s ability to care for such a large family, she has this to say: “How many mothers really hold their children? Nobody holds their children. I think I’m probably the first mother in the history of the world who has ever held her children. And, because I’m so good at it, God gave me 14 of them to hold. I really do think I’m answering God’s call by growing cropfuls of children. Sometimes the Word of God can be heard in the whisper of the wind, sometimes it can be heard in the babble of a brook, and sometimes, it comes to you cradled lovingly in a petri dish.”

Suleman crossed herself before adding: “It’s possible, even likely, that since my children are immaculately conceived, that I could be the mother to the next Christ child. That would make a great reality show, wouldn’t it?”


The above may be satire. I can’t find any other sources of this interview and frankly I’m past caring enough to put any more time into trying to figure her out.