1. Ah! This is fantastic. I watch the WGN news every night. These two anchors were doing the Sunday night broadcast yesterday. Now I am going to imagine them doing this during every commercial break and it will make my viewing that much more enjoyable. As a matter of fact, perhaps I will just play this video during every commercial break. It’s definitely better than the commercials.

  2. The sound effects seal it for me. Her mini-Operatic noise at 1:25 makes me want to be a singer.
    FUN FUN FUN … [monotone] “several hundred people attended a rally today”… wow. He can really flip on the “professionalism” switch, can’t he? That’s ridiculous.

    I would be SO happy if the camera accidently broadcast them doing this. Mostly people get to see the unhappy moments (poor Christian Bale… not poor Bill O’Reilly), and it would be so refreshing to accidently get a dose of these two and their cute, peppy selves.

  3. I used to work on a morning news show, and I’ll tell you what anchors actually do during commercial breaks. The exact same stupid shit they do on the air. The reason they are hired in the first place is because they embody that annoying, vapid personality that they display on TV. And let me tell you, they are no more knowledgeable about ANYTHING than the next person you meet on the bus. Fucking idiots.

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