I can’t sleep on trains or planes so I didn’t catch a wink on the overnight flight back to Boston. We flew back on JetBlue so I did have my own tv to watch (my eyes were too tired to read) which would have been good except most of the channels had infomercials. I ended up watching some car wreck of a show on MTV called Parental Control (I think, I’m not going to bother googling it) where parents attempt to set their kids up on dates with people they have picked out in an attempt to break them up with their current bf/gf. The show is blatantly scripted despite being “reality tv” and pathetically outrageous so of course I ended up watching about eight in a row. At 35,000 feet you are desperate for anything. (I’m sticking to that story)

Vegas was Vegas. You either love it or hate it (or don’t mind it. I guess it’s not really a binary decision ). We haven’t been in a bit over a year and the themed hotels on the South Strip are attempting to shed their themes. Luxor, the Egyptian themed resort is slowly getting rid of of the hieroglyphics and have done away with King Tut’s tomb in an attempt to lure in the younger crowds. So at this point it barely has any references to ancient Egypt, except that the hotel is shaped like a giant pyramid, it is named for a city in Egypt and there is a 10 story Sphinx right in front of the hotel. But besides that you wouldn’t think of Egypt at all.

We did catch three shows this time around. We saw Le Reve at the Wynn which was created by one of the founders of Cirque du Soleil, Franco Dragone, and I think that the majority of people who go to see the show think it is a Cirque production. It had a lot of the same elements but didn’t quite seem to get it right. At the end of the show, for example, people just kind of sat in their seats not quite sure if the show as really over. And perhaps it wasn’t but a few people got up and walked hesitantly out resulting in us doing the same thing.

We also saw Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo which was a good show because the ticket prices were significantly reduced (Vegas is hurting). It was what you expect from a Vegas magic show. A bit cheesy, some jokes with considerable dust on them and some enjoyable moments. I will say that Burton’s show is much better than David Copperfield’s show at the MGM Grand which consisted mostly of watching filmstrips of his appearances on other tv shows and of clips of people talking about how great Copperfield is. No mentions of him flying female audience members to private islands in the Bahamas however which would have made for a much more interesting show.

And lastly, we decided to catch Cirque du Soleil’s Love, the Beatles’ Cirque show at The Mirage which was one of the best shows I’ve seen. (Top 3 shows in Vegas for me in no particular order would be Mystere, Love and Penn & Teller. I’ve heard great things about O but the seats we had was in Section Everest and I left my opera glasses at home.) I thought that perhaps I enjoyed Love because of the music since I’m a huge Beatles fan but Mrs C who doesn’t care for the Fab Four also thought it was one of the highlights of the trip and is now humming I Am The Walrus as I type. Killer show. The previews on YouTube and that they play in MGM/Mirage hotels don’t do it justice.

The part of Vegas that is always annoying to me are the time share people who are perched at the entrances of most of the lower end casinos waiting to pounce on any couple with temptations of free shows or money. The free shows that they offer are not really free since you have to sit through a high pressured sales pitch for time shares. (On our first trip I got into a spirited debate over the semantics of using “free” in his pitch since you have to pay with your time. Now when they try to nab us I just nod and drool. They usually let us pass without incident.)

I’m buried with emails for the moment so it may take me a few days to answer them. I’ll start posting some links as I uncover the more interesting ones in my rss reader.

And everyone else had a good week? Good!