Off For the Week

I’m headed out on a statistical analysis field trip deep in the heart of the Mojave desert to a small town called “The Meadows”. I forget what it’s called in spanish. I’m taking a vacation from blogging so there won’t be any updates here (although I’ll probably be on twitter until Mrs. C takes my cellphone away from me) but if you need your fix of new links I recommend:

Idleworm (The best blog without an rss feed)

Gerry Canavan

Friendly Atheist

Rantings of an Arab Chick


And the rest of the blogs on my blogroll. See you in a week.


  1. NOOooooo!

    I really think Chris should have to give us at least a two weeks notice before abandoning us. If I didn’t also have Shakesville I would be completely lost..

  2. Did you at least get to watch the Super Bowl? Y’know….the one that was even more insanely entertaining than the Giants/Pats Super Bowl of last year?

    I break balls in a keeding manner.

  3. A small town called “The Meadows”… in the heart of the Mojave Desert?

    Isn’t that the town in The Hills Have Eyes part3: Blogger’s Banquet… filled to the brim with cannibals?

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