Student Accuse of “Hexing” a Teacher

From the ACLU:

TULSA, OK–In a case reminiscent of the Salem Witch trials, the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma today filed a federal lawsuit charging that school officials violated 15-year-old Brandi Blackbear’s rights when they accused her of casting a hex that resulted in a teacher’s illness.

“These outlandish accusations have made Brandi Blackbear’s life at school unbearable,” said Joann Bell, Executive Director of the ACLU of Oklahoma. “I for one would like to see the so-called evidence this school has that a 15-year-old girl made a grown man sick by casting a magic spell.”

While the ACLU has defended students’ religious beliefs in Wicca and other minority religions, Bell said the Oklahoma lawsuit is believed to be the first in the country involving actual accusations of witchcraft.

In its legal complaint filed today in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma, the ACLU said that school officials not only suspended Blackbear for 15 days in December 1999 for allegedly casting spells, but also violated her religious freedom when they told her that she could not wear or draw in school any symbols related to the Wicca religion.

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Exclusive video of the Oklahoma school officials meeting where the accusations were made:


  1. Sorry, I didn’t clarify my WHAT – WITCHCRAFT!?? I can understand, maybe, in the wilds of Africa, but in Oklahoma? Whoops, not a good contrast… I CANNOT believe the school took that SERIOUSLY! But come to think of it, when I was in high school, kids were sent home if they wore satanic or heavy metal shirts to school. Oh and if you were caught doing “devil fingers” you got a detention. I guess this is the next step.

    And if it was a successful hex, you go girl!!

  2. I wonder if they realize that in Wicca, it is strictly forbidden to cast any sort of negative spell upon another person due to the three-fold law?

  3. I personally know people who have pulled their children out of a particular school (and are now home-schooling, in fact) because one of the teachers was a “witch”.
    I have no idea if there was any basis to it whatsoever (for example, if the teacher was actually Wiccan or something) but it’s pretty bizarre. And unfortunate, because now the children are all condemned to be isolated from their peers and will inevitably grow up to be socially awkward, afraid of witches, and generally messed-up.

  4. Instead of school boards suspending those dang ole witches all they need is Palin’s pastor to you know just anti VooDoo em,golly gee you betchem,works in red states only.

  5. I wonder if they realize that in Wicca, it is strictly forbidden to cast any sort of negative spell upon another person due to the three-fold law?

    Just so. Were the accusation true, she would need to be disciplined — but by her co-religionists, not the school or the state. Even if the spell doesn’t work, it shouldn’t be done. (The school could discipline her for showing disrespect to a teacher; that wouldn’t be in violation of anyone’s rights.)

    However, I find it highly unlikely that a 15-year-old would be able to hex her teacher to the extent of physical illness, in any case. This is silly.

  6. “And if it was a successful hex, you go girl!!”


    I aopologize, Phil C, I was trying to be funny. That was a FAIL on my part! Of course I wouldn’t want anyone to hex someone in to illness, but any jerk who is dumb enough to think someone hexed him into his illness almost deserves it.

    There are small villages in Africa full of women who have been ostracized because someone accused them of the same thing – these poor women are cut off from their families and homes and can never see them again on pain of death – if they don’t get stoned in the first place.

    They don’t bother with ducks there. Too much red tape.

    Okay FAIL again…

  7. Perfect video Chris! “”We’ve found a witch, may we burn her?” Hahahahahaha! Now if the teacher had turned into a newt, then we would all have to be slightly more worried.

  8. Being a resident of Tulsa – I have to say that this is just plain embarrassing to me. And the sad part is that it is the Union school district, which is supposed to be the superior, premier, ultra we are way better than anything your crappy uneducated Tulsa’s school district can come up with – district. I just don’t fit in to this state at all….anybody willing to let me come sleep on your sofa in another state?

  9. reminds me of some research i was doing a while ago…then again dont ask why…nothin gay about this at all but a very interesting situation of mass histeria causing a group of people to believe a certain thing to be true, and flip out and kill….
    look it up sometime, link is here
    goes very well with the witch hunt idea

    this happened as recently as 2003

  10. why must there be a spin on everything these days? she didnt get suspended for hexing a teacher, she got suspended for being a dumb goth/emo kid that aggravated other students

    if you read that link johny posted you’ll see that this girl testified in court that she was not even a wiccan. also her suspencion was due to her being a bitch and telling kids that she was going to curse them.

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