1. Aggression-by-proxy. That woman probably considers herself to be a good christian. Someone ought to take the bitch out back and club her. The woman, I mean.

  2. I think this is the best video ever. Smart dog! I’ve never seen a dog do a trick involving that kind of hilarious expression on command.

    I wonder what he would do if she said “Where’s God?”

  3. it’s not really all the WTF, my parents had a Shiba, they are weird, theirs would make noises like that sometimes too. Great dogs but they make a lot of noises and act pretty odd sometimes. I could totally see my mom’s dog learning to do that same trick.

  4. She taught her dog to channel Satan?
    That’s the most amazing trick a dog has ever been taught! I’d like to suggest the next trick – chanting in demonic tongues!

  5. What happens if she’s looking at the night sky, and says ‘Where is saturn ?’, does the chubby little fellow take a chunk out of her leg ?

  6. I should have said also – you can teach a dog to do ANYTHING…….. the dog doing this has no significance whatsoever except that when he does it he knows he’ll get a treat.

  7. LOL, the dog’s name is sparky. That’s the name of the ASU Sun Devils’ mascot. Maybe that’s the idea. Sparky is the nice devil and Satan is he mean one.

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