1. I was going to link you this when I saw it on Reddit the other day, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that some kids had seen the “cat on a roomba” video and tried to replicate by plonking their unwilling, doddering little kittens on and whipping out the video camera.

    I like the part where one gets run into the cabinet, though, bless his socks.

  2. Let me be the first to give this video a full thumbs-down. Those kittens are too young for that – too young to understand or enjoy it, like putting a small child on a roller coaster. I was relieved when the one that got rammed didn’t get hurt.

  3. You’re right… it’s a pretty happening video.
    I love hardcore kitty who hung on until the very end. And I love 0:50 when the Roomba just decides to go for it and run over the kittehs. The robots ARE turning against humanity… beginning with the weakest of our furry friends.

  4. First, I love this video. I think it’s ridiculously cute, and I’ve since shown it to everyone I know (at least, everyone who likes kittens – the others aren’t even WORTH knowing). The kittens seem okay to me, or else I wouldn’t enjoy it at all.

    Second, not that it really matters, but the woman who filmed the video said that the kittens enjoy sleeping together on the vacuum and occasionally one of their paws will hit the button and start it up. (Cue running to grab camera).

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