1. I saw parts of that Oprah interview on atheistmedia, and his answers are pretty amazing:

    “Are you gay?”
    – “No!”
    “Are you bi?”
    – “No…”
    “Are you heterosexual?”
    – “Yes, but I’m confused.”

  2. Not all republicans are gay,but all of them haven’t been caught yet.Same goes for the holy Joe crowd.Wonder if Ted and Bush are still ass hole buddies?

  3. “I’m heterosexual, but I’m confused”?

    Whew. Wonder what that dilemma must be like.

    I really do like girls, but there’s just something about the cock I can’t get out of my totally 100% straight mind…

  4. You can never go wrong with this one.

    @ The Critic – I have to thank you for that. Everytime I played it, my dog inquisitively tilted her head to the side.

  5. We used to live in Colorado Springs. Focus on the Family and New Life Church were mere minutes from my house.

    We left in 2005 but even then, there were whispers. We are not religious but even then, there was a devout woman who pulled me aside and urged me to never, ever! let either of my teen kids attend ANY function at New Life.

    For every Ted Haggard, I have another 10 stories from the headquarters of the Christianity Industry.

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