Blagojevich Claims Behavior Was Just Elaborate Plan To Surprise Patrick Fitzgerald With Senate Nomination On His Birthday

From the NY Times:

SPRINGFIELD, IL—As his impeachment trial began Monday, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich kicked off a national media tour to explain that his alleged senatorial pay-to-play scheme was merely an elaborate plot to surprise U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald with a Senate seat on his birthday. “You try to do something nice for someone, and look what happens,” the embattled governor told reporters at a press conference during which he unveiled a birthday cake for Fitzgerald.

(Ok, I lied. It’s from The Onion. But admit it, the amount of chutzpah that this guy has displayed you thought it was a legit story. I know you so well.)


  1. The Onion is going to publish a true story at some point. It will be completely accidental. They will believe that there is no way real life can be this weird. We’ve all seen and heard Blago, so this might as well be the story…

  2. I sent this link to a few of my coworkers. Two of them read the article without noticing the Onion name, logo or URL and didn’t realize it was a joke until I informed them.

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