Who is that Headset Wearing Huckster?

Why that is Vince Offer:

In 1999 Offer released the Underground Comedy Movie to scathing reviews. Lawrence Van Gelder of the New York Times described the movie as “a series of sketches built around subjects like masturbation, defecation, alienation, urination, necrophilia, voyeurism, casual brutality and mockery of the unfortunate.” He added that Offer “makes the common mistake of equating the recognition of comic potential for comedy itself. For the successful, talent bridges the gap, but here it is absent.”[1] DVDs of the film were marketed via television infomercial.

The film also generated several lawsuits. Offer filed a copyright-infringement suit against Peter and Bobby Farrelly and Twentieth Century Fox, claiming that 14 scenes in There’s Something About Mary were taken from his own film. The Farrelly brothers responded, “We’ve never heard of him, we’ve never heard of his movie, and it’s all a bunch of baloney.”[2] In addition, Offer sued Anna Nicole Smith for breach of contract, alleging that Smith had agreed to appear in Underground Comedy Movie but backed out, claiming it would hurt her career.[3]

In 2004, Offer, an ex-Scientologist, sued the Church of Scientology, alleging it had declared him a criminal and had urged its members to “write false and malicious reports against him.” Offer claimed that the church’s action against him caused him to lose a successful business, as many of his employees were Scientologists who quit upon learning of the church’s actions.

I’ve seen the ShamWow commercial approximately 1.21 jigowatts times but I hadn’t seen the SlapChop one:

I guess the only question that remains, besides “What’s a jigowatt?” is why the hell is he wearing a headset?