• See! Dogs simply CHOOSE to walk on all fours like animals.


    Does the music cut out in the first second for anyone else? Is this youtube doing the muting copyrighted music thing? That site is becoming more dickish by the day.

  • ramer

    For some reason this made me want to yell out, “aawwww the poor dog!”

  • Jerkstore

    @ CAPITALLETTERS: I did notice a quick thump of music at the start. I figured it was just background noise.

  • Justin

    What looked to be ICY stairs no less. That’s one hell of a dog. Now if only I could get that Creed taste out of my mouth.

  • If I ever see an owner videotape what he forced his pet to learn, I want to see him give the pet a treat afterwards. You know…even a cat can train a dog.

  • Zero.Rock

    That’s it… we’re doomed!

  • Kellie

    Actually, the music worked fine for me.

  • G-man

    That dog has the exact same swagger going up those stairs that I do after 10 crown and cokes…